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ethernet drivers

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ok how do i find out what ethernet driver i need to get the onboard ethernet working.


i couldn't find what the motherboard make was and all i could see on the board itself was:- MAT. NO. 143276 ALASKA3 20020814 around 1 edge, and on the actual lan connector was a sticker with P35-141-1FA9.


the system is p4 2.6ghz and i think the motherboard might be intel too but not sure.


thanks :tup:

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I was able to dig this up.....




About 3/4 way down the page....it say's.....

In my vain attempts here, it appears my younger brother had found the original PC doccies, and lo...User's Mobo Guide! RAR! I had to blackmail him with cookies, but its here now.


Ok, here goes. Its a Intel AL845GE Motherboard. Hope that helps a bunch.


Maybe same as yours???



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they have no idea what the make and model is but i gave my mate a usb with both programs listed earlier, and they came back and told me the motherboard is a triGem computer inc imperial 1.06.


and of course i still can't find a definitive answer to what driver i need on the net.. :rofl2:


so more help please. :lol::b33r:


edit :- think it might be Sierra 28.8 but not sure what i want to do is download a few drivers(so a list would help if no one knows the exact driver) that might work so when i go round there 1 of them should work :lol: doesn't matter if its outdated coz as soon as i'm able to connect to the web from that pc i can update all drivers. just need 1 that works first. :rofl2:

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Those programs shouldve showed

Model number of computer

Make of it

Even the ethernet drivers

Heres an older program that should show the necessary drivers.




Once the programs installed

open it and in the program

click on + on Network

Then click on Windows Network

The drivers should show

Installing incorrect driver will crash the computer

If this should happen by installing incorrect driver

Just power down the computer

Turn it back on and tap F8

Go to safemode options screen.

Use the up or down arrow key

Choose .......Last Known Good Configuration

Need to know the make of motherboard

or Make/Model number of computer

Everest will show this information


Without the correct information i cant advise to download and install the driver you mentioned

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I've always found Everest to be very good and reliable for finding out what is on your system, and it links you to the drivers page (usually) when you click on it, you can get the last free version from MajorGeeks, it isn't thats good for really new systems as it was written prior to what we use now, but it's great on older systems.

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was 3com driver i needed above is the test results for that pc. :tup:


finally left it like this(been there for hrs :rofl2: ) :- http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=20910407


and thx for all replies. :tup::b33r:

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