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Having a good set of links in your "Favorites" will always enable faster web surfing.

I recently came across a site that has quite a nice collection of these all set up and organized for us.




I still have an older thread from the Pit, started by X_C years ago bookmarked as well:

Sharing our Favorites


Both are worthy of being bookmarked, IMHO.



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I have a new computer w/ Windows XP - Pro - Home / w/ DSL. plus optical mouse.


I use to have Windows ME on Desk top & Windows 2000 on my lap-top.


In both of those I was able to SAVE all my FAVORITES into a folder on my desk-top, titled "Favorites."


But with XP - I'm not able to do so - it won't let me -


When I tried - All I got was 3 TITLES!


And no LINKS at all. Before it would get all in there - w/ the links.


I need help in doing so... PLEASE!


Me & XP don't get along at all. :pullhair:




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:wp: Sarah,


The Favorites folder in XP is located at:

C:/Documents and Settings/<your username>/Favorites


You can add the url's to the sites that you wish to save there. Open the folder, then go to the top left and click on File>New>Shortcut

Type or paste the URL to the site that you wish to save, then click Next.

Now, type in a Name that will be easy for you to recognize as a descripter for the shortcut.

Click Finish to exit.


It'll work to save these links in any folder that you choose. If you wish to put the links in a folder on the desktop, then that's the way to do it. ;)


Another way, if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser is to visit the site that you wish to add to your Favorites, then hit the keys: Ctrl + D

Click the Add button and it'll be done for you.


I hope this helps you to get those Favorites organized.



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Sarah, the easiest solution is to create a desktop shortcut to your Favorites folder.  To do this, click Start and Run, then type Favorites and click OK.  Right-click the star at the upper-left corner of the folder, point to Send To, and click Desktop (create shortcut).  Close the folder.

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