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Calibrating MacBook Pro Battery

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I just bought a replacement battery for the one that originally came with my MacBook Pro that I bought two years ago, since my MacBook Pro shuts down without warning way before it's supposed to (around 91% battery charge left). I heard about "calibrating" your Apple battery to keep it in good shape via this link , but I am having a little trouble understanding steps 4 and 5 of the section for MacBook Pros (middle of page).


Step 4 says to "continue to keep your computer on until it goes to sleep. Save all your work and close all applications when the battery gets very low, before the computer goes to sleep," and then afterwards, in step 5, to "turn off the computer or allow it to sleep for five hours or more." My question is, if my MacBook's already asleep by step 5, how am I supposed to access the menu to turn it off? I suppose Apple is making a distinction here between 'shutting down' and 'turning off,' right? If they are, then would all I have to do to complete step 5 be to press and hold the power button on my MacBook Pro?




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