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outlook sever error

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Hi thank you in advance for checking this out for me


server error 0x8000ccc90 and error ox800420cd :huh:


emails will stop trying to download and those error codes come up

when you delete the emails and then hit send/rec they all come back up plus the same ones you deleted so you might have 3 or 4 of the same emails

I go to mail2web and clear up everything and then go back into outlook then I can delete them,but the next time I get a bunch of emails the same time happens :pullhair:

will be looking for a reply


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Sorry :blushing: ....was finding this out for my brother....so I'll have him join and do this on his own if he wants this fixed.

thanks for the fast reply duanester

and sorry if I wasted your time with this, as I know how busy people are these days

thanks again :cheers:

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