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Noisy Fans

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This is something that I have been doing for a very long time; have a fan (case, cpu, etc) that starts making noise and doesn't stop after cleaning the dust out.


What you do is take the fan out and on the underside there should be a manufacturer's label. Carefully peel the label off (going to want to replace it) a put a drop of oil in (I use 3-In-1 oil). Here is a tutorial on the procedure,




There is a power supply pictured there. If that is the fan that needs oiling, I don't recommend doing it unless the fan is oriented like the one in the picture. Not a good idea to be opening a power supply for the sake of the fan and taking the chance of getting a rather large jolt if you touch the wrong part.


Other than that this is a quick and easy fix for all other fans.


One more thing, if the fan in question is attached to a heatsink and the heatsink needs to be removed to oil the fan (most video cards for example), make sure to clean off and apply new thermal paste before reattaching the heatsink.

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I remove the fan. Then I remove label covering bearing. I spray with Zep citrus cleaner and allow to soak for a minute or 2. Then I rinse for a minute with hot water. I dry with air first, then sometime with a blow-dryer. Then I lube the axel with Tri Lube (with Teflon). I have done this for hundreds of fans with excellent results.



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