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PC Pitstop for Mac

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First, let's consider the current Apple portable lineup–the one that's been current for just over a week. With last week's announcements, Apple released a new MacBook that, at $1299, is $200 more than the starting price for the MacBook it supercedes.


First, what does what you said have to do with this thread.


Second, the current macbooks came out October last year... 8 months ago.


Third, the standard white macbook is still available... with upgraded (minor) specs from what it was and it's still offered at the same price as the previous model. If you want the aluminum body (and better specs) they start at $1,299.

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I started with a Dell Vostro and installed Parallels desktop for Mac running Snow leopard, Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro, I have not experienced problems with it after running all 3 OS for over 6 months, so far so good.

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