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High Disk and CPU Usage for 10 Minutes After Boot?

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in Vista there is a new service called superfetch which analyzes program you use most often and remembers code to make it work faster next time. In all reality it doesnt improve performance much if at all.


When this service is running it can cause constant (and annoying) disk and cpu usage for the first 10 minutes or so of vista loading.


if you disable this service, it stops all this access from occurring. I have disabled it on my dell xps m1730 which runs vista business, and my system still boots just as quick, but without all the disk and cpu usage afterwards.


here is how to disable the service:


1) in the start menu search box type (without quotation marks) "services.msc" and hit enter

2) scroll down the list that appeared until you see a service named "Superfetch"

3) Double Click on the Superfetch Service and a dialog box will appear, in the 'Startup type' drop-down list in the centre of the dialog box, change from automatic to disabled.

4) click OK

5) right click on the Superfetch Service and left click stop.

6) click cross in the top right corner


you are all done,


next time you boot windows, superfetch will not start and you should have very minimal disk and cpu usage as it should be!



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For the record, I've found Superfetch to be a nice addition, and it does not cause any spikes in my CPU or disk usage running Home Premium.


Same here. I have played around with this and really notice a difference with Superfetch off when closing out of a game, takes far longer for a system/memory intensive game to shutdown with Suoerfetch off than when it is on.


Another thing that can add to startup time/hard drive usage/etc is the Windows Search/VSS/etc.


I know that it has been posted before,




but never hurts to keep it out there.

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Worst tip to follow: I stopped it yesterday and restarted my pc today.

The taskbar and the sidebar all froze up- a couple of minutes later the screen blacked out with an error message saying that some security things could not be processed, i had to reboot into safe mode and restart superfetch and everything worked out fine.


Prefetch (C:\windows\prefetch\), on the other hand was something of a problem- primarily to Star-Craft: Brood Wars: it caused the graphics to be distorted and minimized to 256 colors. So i blocked it (right-click on prefetch folder\properties\security\advanced\edit\Deny everyone: Create files, folders and write attributes) and now Brood wars is running with no problems.

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If you guys are interested in turning off your services to gain back some resources on your computer you should check out "blackviper.com", he is the master at this.

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