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IE window won't stay maximized?

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I've tried everything I could think of and asked where I could...IE just would not stay maximized when I opened it.


I finally used a 'command' prompt and it worked!! :mrgreen:


New users who have this problem......click on the start orb>"All Programs" -->select "Accessories", click on "Command Prompt"


Once the black window opens and you see the flashing line...type

start /max iexplore.exe

press enter, then exit. (there is a space between the 't' and '/'....there is also a space between 'x' and 'i')


Once this takes pace (if you have Areos enabled) you may see two squares (smaller inside the larger) on a black background above your address bar.

Click that double square to make it one...your window should be maximized and you'll have your clear areos feature back again.

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