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Cant start windows normally

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Hello all,


I have recently just had a problem with my HP laptop computer. I had a problem loading windows normally and would get a few error messages (of which I don't remember), one of them had something to do with the icon notification area or something. The taskbar would never load also. This seemed to happen after I had installed a disk emulator for running a *.img file.


I used msconfig to boot in safe mode. However, I ran into a problem. The computer I use is a work computer and when I normally log in to Windows I have to select a domain. When I boot in safe mode it doesn't ask me for a domain and any combo of username and password I can think of doesn't work. So I restart and press F8 to get a list of options for how to boot. No matter what option I choose it will always try to load in safe mode (without networking or command prompt). So naturally I think there is some problem writing to the boot.ini file.


I burnt a boot disk from another computer to use, and I get to a dos prompt just fine, and I was hoping I could then go in and just edit the boot.ini manually. Using the "EDIT" command in DOS...However, every time I try to save it says "Unknown Error Accessing File Error 1". I tried everything I could possibly think of...saving it somewhere else and then try and copy it back, but no matter what I tried to do, it gave me the same error.


So, ultimately what I want to do is be able to log into windows normally again. Any other thoughts come to mind from anyone else out there? Thank you much!

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