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Very Versitile Tool.....Process Explorer

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I came accross this very unique tool from Microsoft


like most of us i had process that was using too much CPU USAGE

I kept looking at TASK MANAGER but couldnt find a clue ....only the Process

How many times i killed it...but nothing worked it only came back with a vengenance


I did some research and found PROCESS EXPLORER

It killed the process and was able to have once again My Computer back

It can replace Task Manager if i wanted it to......

it has many features/flavours


Pass the cursor over performance graph see whats using so much cpu usage

or go threads...right click on the process using lots of cpu..click on threads...properties

and observe...you can kill the process or find out if its something that you may have installed


Hardware..like Printer..Webcam...list go on...

Software...Routers....Antivirus Programs....or Spyware Programs....

Or even windows processes can be helped


Heres the download...i hope Process Explorer is the tool for you great when TASK MANAGER FAILS




This is a must have in any computer technicians toolbox.


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great app for the novice user, you could also type wmic in command prompt then within the utility type process and hit enter :P


you can kill any process from there not to mention do anything you want, in fact the entire system can be controlled from there without moving around a mouse :mrgreen:


edit: works for vista too

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Very Nice! :D


2 other programs I have "MyTop.exe" and "Whats Running" are other free programs with similar features, My Top being somewhat simpler, and What's running being somewhat more comprehensive. If you ever get a virus or malware attack that blocks you from running Task Manager so as to protect their running rogue processes, these type of programs are worth their weight in Gold!

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Yes it is and it will serve you well

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