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I used big files before but looks even better now. The photodrop works great also, took 5 min. to upload a 8.4mb file, LINK & LINK for the photos I uploaded


TransferBigFiles.com Re-Laaunched


We're excited to announce a re-launch of TransferBigFiles.com. It's easier and better than ever with:


  • A Simpler 2-Step File Sending Process
  • An Optional Free Windows System Tray Tool for Sending Files
  • Optional Accounts for Tracking Previous Transfers
  • Faster Servers, Upgraded System for Better Performance
  • Unlimited File Transfers (up to 1GB per file!)
  • Still 100% Free! No Spyware, Popups or Annoying Ads.

Checkout the New TransferBigFiles.com


NEW! PhotoDrop.com - Easiest Way to Send Pictures!

Wanna send a bunch of hi-resolution pictures to a few friends or the whole world? Try PhotoDrop.com. It's the world's easiest way to create a picture page with thumbnails, previews and full-resolution downloads of all your images.


  • Store Unlimited Photos and Alubms
  • Full resolution images (up to 10MB per photo!)
  • No Account Needed!
  • Optional Windows System Tray Tool for Uploading Pictures
  • 100% Free! No Spyware, Popups or Annoying Ads.

Start Sending Photos with PhotoDrop.com

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