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Hey Dave!

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HEY DAVE!!! wait for me!!!! :angry:


the last time I was out for a couple of days,

you change the forums, :o

now I'm out again for the wknd

and here you go changing everything again!!!! :blink:


Are u in a hurry?


Please wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol


question: can I use my old sigs in here?


and.. where I can write a "bottom line" to show in the post?


BTW great look!!!


great speed even on dial-up!!


but.....Me, a new member? again? :unsure:

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Everyone is a new member again, Charly. You can have a text sig, with no images or BB codes. Just click on "My Controls" up on top of the page. You'll see where it goes in there on the lower left.



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