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firefox - multiple home pages in separate tabs

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not sure if this has been mentioned before, but i find this simple tip kinda handy....


ever wanted firefox to open to a different homepage? ...with this tip you can have firefox open mulitple home pages (in separate tabs) when it starts up.


in firefox, go to edit > preferences > main tab


in the space for the url of your home page....follow the url of your present home page with a separator: "|" (no spaces or quotations) and follow that with the url of a different home page (and so on, and so on...)


i have 3 tabs open (you can add more...not sure of the limit) when i start firefox, so in my prefernces, the home page line looks like so:




that opens optimum online as my main home page. ubuntu forums (actually found this tip there) and pcpitstop forums open in adjacent tabs. ....you can of course swap the order around any way you like.


works in windows as well as linux....also works for swiftfox in linux! ;)


hope someone else finds this useful! :)



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Or you can open the pages you want on separate tabs and go to Tools/options/main and click use current pages.

Been using this tip for awhile now. Why do I never think to post this stuff!

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I had multiple pages for sometime, just open the tabs you want, make sure the one you want to open first in first spot. Open tools options, and main tab. Just click use current page. It will save all tabs as your home page. I have seven open tabs every time I open FF.

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