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Registry Tip

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Those who are making tweaks in the system registry often need to click on the plus sign every time they want to see it's sub entries, and it's quiet time consuming. Here is a trick.


Click once on the main hive you want (eg: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) to explore having a +sign on the left then press * in the keyboard all it's sub values will automatically be displayed in a tree view, so that navigation becomes very easy.


once you finished click once again on the main hive and press - (minus sign) it will be restored back to normal.

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Thanks--I'll try it...

Do you or anyone know why a harddrive would get wiped because the CMOS is wipped?

I soldure a battery in, booted and no POST. Removed the battery,booted-no POST.

Removed the harddrive'C' put in another machine as primary and there is nothing there.

It was a Compaq Pisareo, P II,Win98se,Seagate drive.

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