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USB ports not seeing devices!

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Hello...my son has a DEll w/XP SP2 and 6 USB ports. He can't get his puter to see his Chocolate phone or his new PDA. Yet when I plugged in a flash drive it saw it right away, in the system tray and in My Computer as a new E drive. His phone works in my computer, which is 4 years older. Why would a USB port see my flash drive, but not the other devices?? He has uninstalled and reinstalled the software twice. Any ideas?? My son would appreciate any help. Thanks!!

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did you re-boot before attaching the device?

and the software was installed prior as well?

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start from scratch



Open the device manager look for any problems

if you find the device remove the driver and unplug

the device.




re-install the drivers for each device one at a time

reboot each time watch for the location of where the drivers

are being installed

once done open the device manager make sure eerything

is cool.

plug in one device and see what happens

if your asked to install anything just goto the location

of the driver and let windows do it's thing


that may or may not work but it wont hurt anything

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