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Vista: Firewall Outbound Filtering Added

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New feature could make third-party firewalls unnecessary for some users--we'll see how effective it is. To configure (off by default): Start > Run > wf.msc seems to be the easiest way to get there--I'm sure there are others.


Not sure of the exact setting yet as there are three areas: Domain, Private, and Public.


If you click on Windows Firewall Properties under the three areas above > Firewall State > Outbound Connections > select/toggle Blocked, only the first area, Domain, changes to blocked. I'm guessing that is sufficient until told otherwise.




Edit: tip of the hat to PCWorld Magazine, Jan. 2007

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I was able to change all three sections to block outbound connections. There are tabs in the firewall properties for each one. Unfortunately, once I did, it blocked outbound connections. All of them. I never got asked to allow anything, I just lost everything. Since I really don't want to take the time to manually configure every (legit) program that might ever need internet access, I ended up disabling the outbound firewall. Looks like I'll be using a different firewall program again.

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