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Use headphones/earbuds as a microphone

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Hey everyone...here is a little trick if you are looking for a microphone any only have headphones kicking around, the results all basically depend on the headphones you have...but I can tell you this does work.


1) Get your headphones/earbuds and plug them into your microphone jack on your soundcard


2) Go to "Start", "Control Panel", "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices/ Sounds and Audio Devices", under the "Audio" tab, make sure that the sound recording setting is set to your sound card and for best results turn the volume of the sound recording up full or close to it; go to the "Voice" tab now and set the voice recording the same way.


3) Now your ready to hear your masterpiece, you can open sound recorder by going to "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "Entertainment" and then select sound recorder.


4) Hit the record button and record away


*You may have to put you mouth fairly close to them depending on what kind and brand of headphones they are.



It's because microphones are essentially speakers/headphones in reverse that this works...hopefully you get some good results and have many hours of joy as a result.

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good tip that but i would think not very practical but very good for a party trick and some fun showing of to your mates.. :clap::lol:

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