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  1. Hello, I recently got Super Shield updated after I had to monkey around with Windows 10 for a bit, now I cannot open the PC Matic Pitstop to run a scan. I click on the icon (which is set to 'Run as Admin' as default) and I get the loop for a few seconds then another small windows pops up with no words on it, just a yellow triangle with a n'!' in the middle. There is a button with 'OK' on it, so i click it and and it loads forever and will not let me access anything. Any help is appreciated. This has happened before and I'm not sure how I fixed it. I believe I updated Super Shield but I already have it updated. Maybe not?
  2. Hello! Recently, my PC Matic Supershield in my task bar is red and says I am not protected. I have no idea what caused it, I haven't done anything. I've tried several uninstalls and reinstalls but to no avail. I've been happy with PC Matic up until this point and I'd greatly appreciate any help! I don't know if this helps, but I have a Windows 10 1709, OS build is 16299.125. Thank you! If I left out any vital information, let me know! Blackout
  3. Firefox installed an upgrade on my win10 Lenovo and Acer win7, after that both Adblockers disappeared, tried to reinstall three times via download, no luck. Contacted tech. department twice, last time Monday 11th, no answers. What can I do. I am a lifetime member, does that mean no support? Hans
  4. I am running Win10 Pro and when I run PC Matic is says it's Win 8. PC Matic starts but does not finish. I tried creating a trouble ticket in the support area, but it has been showing "Creating your ticket ..." for more than 10 minutes. After submitting this post I'll go ahead and kill the Tab that is supposed to be creating my ticket. My concern about Win8 as opposed to Win10 is that the correct drivers will not be installed. Does PC Matic not correctly identify Win10? Thanks Joe