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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, After from time to time facing and got struggling with the problem with OverDrive, not loading the ActiveX and got stuck on the first blank test window on ajaxscan, here you have some hints to be checked: -> Internet Explorer 11 -> Tools -> ActiveX-filtering -> Off -> Internet Settings -> General -> Browsing History -> Delete (with the first and last setting ticked -> Off(?)) -> Security -> Internet -> Default (Medium) -> Trusted Sites -> www pcpitstop.com -> Add If the above do not solve the problem, you may try also these hints: -> Tools -> Add-ons -> Critical ones -> Off (e.g. pop-up blockers etc.) -> Internet Settings -> General -> Browsing History -> Settings -> Show Objects -> Delete old PC Pitstop Components -> Security -> Internet -> Modified -> Allow ActiveX-filtering -> Off -> Run malware checking on ActiveX -> Off -> Enable pop-up blocking -> Off (seen somewhere lower there) -> Advanced Options -> Set options to default -> Set IE11 into default settings Addition 18.09.2017: -> Disable Virus Scanner and/or Firewall Good luck on troubleshooting! Best regards, PeteVfi
  2. Hello, I am receiving this error message when running Overdrive. "Unable to Load Results We were unable to load the test results that you requested. Most often, this indicates that the results were not saved correctly in the database. Please try to test your system again. We've logged this problem and will look into the cause. Sorry for the inconvenience." i have fully reset internet explorer and it makes no difference. This started happening after I "restarted windows" and along with that change all of my recent documents and all pinned task bar items went away. I've rebuilt most of it but can't get Overdrive to run. There's one other forum article on it but it's from clear back in 08. Help!!!!
  3. Disappointing Compared To Past Use

    As long as I am posting for technical support, I thought I would run a scan. I could not remember how to login, but probably would have been able to if the webmaster specified what the user ID consisted of, whole email address vs. just the part before the @.
  4. I ran the overdrive tests on a computer with windows 7 professional with IE 9. The tests completed successfully and went to the demographics page. When I clicked continue to see my results i got an error message. Is this just me or is there a geneneral problem with the site.
  5. Hello, i am attempting to run OverDrive but it seems to keep stalling at the first part of the scan/test before it even runs any tests. Just the screen where it shows me what step it is on. I am using Internet Explorer for that, as neptune is no longer recommended. My current IE version is 9, the latest version supported for my OS (vista), I have run the 64 bit version of IE and the normal version both in admin mode. At this point I am stuck on what to try. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. No Access To Tech Express

    I just ran a full OverDrive test and the top of my browser showed a link to Tech Express; but when I copied it into my browser, it said that the ID was invalid. The OverDrive did not reveal anything that would have caused my Blue Screen Of Death that I encountered yesterday after I tried to bring my system out of hibernation. How can I get my results from OverDrive further analyzed?
  7. I keep getting the 'PC Pitstop utility did not load' message. I have tried all the tips. I allow the utility 'to make changes on my computer' when prompted, after initially allowing the download. I am using IE 9.0.8112.16421 on a Win 7 64-bit PC. I have tried both 32 and 64-bit versions of IE, including in compatibility mode. Any advice would be appreciated, as I really need a test. Cheers
  8. XP3, ATI 200 Xpress. Trying to run Overdrive When scan wouldn't run went to troubleshooting. Made ssome suggested chgs. When moved video accelerator slider to far left lost video. Screen not responding. No signal. Any suggestions? Have not rebooted.