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  1. I had to use a restore point to get computer back to the point that certain programs were working. Now I can not find any old restore points. After the last restore creation I did not crate a new restore point. So how do I find old points that the restore program does not show or allow you to do a older restore pint.
  2. All three are running win 10. The desk top and one laptop are in same work group WG123456 (just to name the WG). Or they where until last night, now I can not find work group on the desk top. I use to be able to at least save -open files using \\xxx.xxx.x.x but that does not even work any more. Now it wants network credentials.
  3. Is there a good site to pay some one to help set up a home network? I have tried a number of help sites but unable to set up home network. Running win 10, work groups are suppose to be easy.
  4. Can I make a static IP address for the remote cameras so I can view them. FIOS a few times a year some reason changes the IP address for the cameras. WHY, not really sure? Can I and if so how can I do this?
  5. Some times there are updates to the new TV. With the Fire stick you d/l app to see different programs. With the broken fire stick yu go and d/l programs from different web sites to the TV. Can any of these d/l effect the home computers. They are being d/l through your router and now could they infect your system other than the TV.
  6. When you give the router pass word to the fire stick ,TV or broken fire stick can it d/l stuff into your computer through the router?
  7. Running win 10 on desktop and laptop. They both see media devices on each other machine. They DO NOT SEE FILES. I am able to go to file explore and type in \\xxxxx\d\xx and get the files (just read I could do this). How can I get the computers to be seen on the network in the file explore. Not sure if I have work group or home group on either machine.
  8. Having trouble with home group in win 10. In -VIEW YOUR NETWORK PROPERTIES --I see that in connectivity IPV4/IPV6 is DISCONNECTED in the laptop. In the laptop wi-fi properties TCP/IPV4 and TCP/IPV6 are both checked. How do I turn on the IPV4 AND IPV6 so that maybe home group will work?
  9. I have a laptop and desktop. In the laptop I created a home group and have the password from the laptop. I went to the desktop top and it said it sees a home group and asked if I would like to join. I put in the laptop password but after a few minutes I am told the desk top cannot see home group. How to fix? What is the difference between work group and home group plus which is easier to use.?
  10. I wanted to use old h/d as a secondary back up drive. I had broken the h/d up in to 3 drives originally. The desk top win 10 was able to see this. I went and formatted each. I was trying to make one big drive. I deleted the first primary and now the win 10 computer does not see any thing. Is there a way of getting my win 10 system to see and format?
  11. Running office 2016 (office 365). When I went to print in the past, one page would show up in the print window. I would pick my printer and just print. Now two pages show up in the print window. I did try and adjust the zoom to show one page but when I open the print box again there are two pages. I am guessing there is an easy way of of adjusting this but I DO NOT KNOW HOW. PS: I am using a laptop,running win10,64 bit.
  12. My desk top is win 8.1 and the laptop is win 10.I finally got the laptop to see the files on the desktop that I wanted.But the desktop can not access the laptop.I said share on the laptop and share on the desktop.I used the password from desktop and used it so I am on the same group in the laptop. In network and sharing center/media streaming options, I see the laptop. When I try to click on the network, I see the laptop but the desk top will not access.It says --box pops up-and says win cannot access \\laptop,check spelling of the name.
  13. Thanks for the reply.I was going to try the link that you sent but I did not like the warning about back up all data on the disk.The problem is I could not get to it to copy.Time passes and last backup was1 year ago. I was able to get to the command prompt (with nortons ghost) but did not remember my dos commands. After reading the old dos book,I was able to move around a little.I finally got down to windows/pss dir.Typed in boot.ini backup and guess what happen.The boot.ini backup came up in notepad,was I really gland,was not sure what or how I was going to change it in dos.I saved as boot.ini backup2 and then changed it to boot.ini and finally saved it to the c drive. The computer is up and running .I still believe there is some thing wrong so after a complete backup,I will restore to about a year ago.
  14. Have desktop and running XP PRO,SP3. I have tried using older MS XP PRO disk, but I only get up to where recovery wants me to put in floppy disk and then it stops (tried to hit r or f2 but wants floppy disk). I can access all h/ds on compute through notrons ghost 14.I have a back up of the c drive but can not find the boot ini in the c drive,in order to restore just that file. I do not want to restore through NG because I would like data stored on the bad hard drive (did not do backup in over a year). I was wondering if I could just take out main h/d (bad one) and put in older xp desktop machine I have.Then use the back up of the boot ini (windows/pss) and place it into the C drive (of the bad h/d). Would that work and where in the root c (I understand,root is c drive but do I just drop in c drive,dumb question,but) drive do I put the replacement boot ini (could the computer still try and load the bad boot ini.) I had done something like this years ago to get data of a h/d going bad a few years ago
  15. Now maybe some day I will learn how to spell.THANKS AGAIN.
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