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  1. This isn't a problem but it's something I'm wondering about. I got some Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth headphones that I like a lot, and it has the usual recorded voices that say "on" and "off" when you turn it on or off and "connected" or "disconnected" when the Bluetooth is connected or disconnected. The recorded voices are female, but the strange thing is that the voice saying on or off sounds Chinese, with a thick accent, sounding like "powa off" or "powa on", but the voice that says connected or disconnected is another female and sounds English, sounding a lot like Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. It's no big deal, but I'm just curious why one sounds Chinese and the other one sounds English. Anybody know? It's really strange to me.
  2. OK. I'll see if I can update them somehow. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I got some Bluedio UFO Bluetooth headphones I like and have been taking to a Subway sandwich shop near me and using them while I watch YouTube videos and do other things on my Nexus 10 tablet, using their free WiFi. I go there about every day. I've had the headphones since last October and they worked fine at the Subway until a couple of months ago, when videos would suddenly freeze and stay that way until I turned the WiFi connection on my tablet off and on. This happened every time I went, at least four of five times each visit. The sandwich shop uses Comcast. I tried the X-finity free trial that lasts an hour that you can can get once a month. I used it twice, and YouTube videos played perfectly with it. The Bluedios also cause freezing with my tablet when I'm home, using ATT U-Verse I've been using my Symphony Audio PX-5 Bluetooth earbuds at the Subway instead, and videos and everything else works perfectly with them. No freezing. I've used them around 12 hours over several visits and not one problem. It's just when I'd use my Bluedio headphones that I'd get the freezing problem. So why would I get freezing when I used the Bluedio Bluetooth headphones but not the Symphony Audio earbuds at the Subway, and why would the Bluedios work fine with the X-finity WiFi there with no problems but have freezing problems with the free Comcast WiFi there or my ATT WiFi at home? I tried using the Forget function for the Bluedios but still got the freezing problem when I connected again. They worked fine for two months then just started messing up. It's too late to send them back. They do seem to work OK with my laptop though. Any suggestions to fix this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Oops. You're right. I was in a hurry. Thanks for the info about Tmobile. I'll look into it.
  5. OK. I should have a cell phone anyway, I guess. I'll look into getting one and an Unlimited Data Plan. Thanks for the help, nigsy and TX. It's greatly appreciated.
  6. I should have mentioned I don't have a cell phone to use to tether my tablet to, just a landline at home. This page at att.com shows their mobile hotspots for sale and what I'd have to pay a month. https://www.att.com/global-search/search?q=mobile+hotspot&catField=Shop&group=false&secFilter=~Shop~Wireless~Wireless%20phones%20%26%20devices~ Now I find out that not every tablet is compatible with them and can't find out if my Nexus 10 would work with them.
  7. Hi. I go to the Subway sandwich shop near me a lot and like to use the free WiFi there, using my Nexus 10 tablet. It all worked fine for months, but the last two months, videos and other sites will freeze and stay frozen until I turn the WiFi connection in my tablet off and on. This will happen several times a visit. The owner says he needs a new router but a woman working there said that he said my tablet must be having problems. He uses Comcast but I tried the free X-finity trial connection I can get there that lasts an hour and you can get once a month and it always worked fine. No freezing. Plus, my tablet works fine with my home WiFi too. He says he has a lot of expenses with his two restaurants but will replace the router when he can. After two months I'm starting to doubt he will. I have ATT U-verse and should get ATT hotspots for free but don't have any near me. I found out that ATT sells mobile hotspots and a has monthly service charge that's really reasonable, like $6.00 or $10.00 a month. I think I'll get one of them, but am not sure about all the details. Would the mobile hotspot work good at the restaurant, and let me see videos and do all the other things I want to do on the net without freezing over and over? And how many hours a day would I get for the prices I mentioned? How many hours a month am I allowed before I get charged extra? I tried to find out all this at the ATT site but couldn't find out. How long do mobile hotspots work before being needing to be recharged? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hi. I like to use the free WiFi at the Subway sandwich shop a half mile away. For the past ten days, it's been acting up. The owner says they need a new router. YouTube videos will play alright for a while then freeze and buffer non-stop. I have to restart my tablet over and over to finish videos. I found playing them at a lower quality helps but they don't look as good, of course. He says he has to fix some other things in his other restaurant first and will replace the router soon. I want to know if buying a portable ATT hot spot from amazon.com would be a good idea to have at hand for when the Subway router is down. My tablet doesn't pick up any ATT hot spots when I look. I see everything nearby like Xfinity WiFi and the free Subway connection and nearby stores' WiFi but no ATT hot spots, which would be free for me as I have ATT wireless at home. I was wondering if the portable hot spot would work at the Subway and pick up ATT and be free for me? I'd have to get a SIM card, I think. I talked to an ATT tech on chat and he said that there's lots of ATT hotspots and I just need to connect to one when I go out, but, like I said, none show up on my tablet when I check. I looked at a hot spot map for my area and no ATT ones show up there. I found out this is a common complaint with ATT customers on their forums. ATT says they have over 17,000 hot spots across the U.S. but nobody can locate any. I go to ATT sites that say they'll show where they are but just show how to connect to one, or just show area coverage, but no hot spot locations. Why don't they show their customers where to find them if they're there? So would getting a portable ATT hot spot from amazon.com work for me, do you think? I'm not really knowledgeable about them. What's going on with the lack of ATT hot spots? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Things came up. Thanks for all your help.
  10. My laptop detected it and then I could connect my earbuds. Why, I don't know. I guess the last factory reset fixed it. Now the battery wants to go to zero when it gets down to 20%. And I can't update the system. I'm looking at YouTube videos for things to try. Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi. I just got a refurbished Nexus 10 tablet that works OK except for the Blue Tooth function. I tried connecting my Symphony PX-5 Blue Tooth earbuds but they aren't detected by the Nexus 10. They work fine with my other tablets and laptop but not with this tablet. It searches but doesn't detect anything. I tried doing a complete factory reset three times and still have the same problem. The OS looks different than my other Nexus 10 that I got new and that the ear buds work fine with. It also won't update to the higher OS that it says I can update to, no matter what I try, and I went through every suggestion I could find. Is there anything else I could try before I send it back for a refund? I got a really good deal and like the tablet's high resolution. Thanks for any help.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help.
  13. I looked on the Lenovo website and the warranty doesn't apply anymore. I messed with it last night and got a screen to come on that's in Chinese and lets you go through a lot of tests to see if the tablet is working right. The colors, speakers, front and rear cameras, and everything else tested fine. Does that mean the OS is still there? Anyway, I'll try the XDA site. Thanks a lot for the help!
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