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  1. I continually get a request to update Adobe's Flash Player, I don't know if this is a virus using Adobe as a way of getting into my computer...the number of times I get this request bothers me....
  2. When I run the Security Report I get hundreds of entries, I tried to highlight and copy, but that doesn't work for me....
  3. So how do you blacklist a program, when I select blacklist the only option I have on that screen is "Remove"...
  4. Can PCmatic deny a program accessing the internet yet still let it be operational on the same PC? If so how can this be done?
  5. Security Alert

    Y, this new tool did the trick, now running PC Matic.... Many thanks for your assistance.....much appreciated... Bayman
  6. Security Alert

    Did what was requested.....still can't launch PC Matic, still getting Security Alert...
  7. Security Alert

    Unable to create the "Ticket", Technical Support - Creating Your Ticket keeps running and running... This is for computer, SamSmith-PC
  8. When I try to run PC Matic I get an error, it is a Security Alert, The identity of this web site or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified.....how can this be fixed?
  9. PC Magnum

    I have received by email an invitation to try and buy PC Magnum.... I have done a search in the forums and only see threads that are a couple of years old.... It is stated: "PC Magnum is a unique privacy product that removes potentially embarrassing and private information, allowing you to control what others may learn about you and your computer habits if your PC is accessed without your knowledge" How deep does this cleaning go, is it just a regular cleaning or a cleaning where data is written over what was cleaned/erased and cannot be recovered by any software? IPC Magnum
  10. Broadband Quality Tool

    There is now a scroll bar....many thanks
  11. Broadband Quality Tool

    Guys, I have been continually tracking my isp data, and have come to the point that I can't delete a date so that I can add another date as the program will not scroll down to October 27th even though I have the test running for October 27th
  12. Broadband Quality Tool

    The reason I thought that is due to me getting two separate reports on October 7th and October 8th when I started the program on October 7th and was letting it go for a week....
  13. Broadband Quality Tool

    Y, attached is the latest Report, notice that it is not breaking up the days as there should be a report for each day... Is anyone else experiencing the same thing....
  14. Broadband Quality Tool

    Will do, thanks "Y"
  15. Broadband Quality Tool

    Another thing that would be great, is, if we could widen the program by hovering over the edge of the box and then widening or shortening it.... I live in Canada, and we use Postal Codes, the program does not accept Postal Codes so I have to a enter U.S.A. Zip Code... For us Canadians, would you be able to change the program to accept Postal Codes....