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  1. Thanks! That fixed my issue!!!
  2. Thank you. I will give that a try when I get home this evening.
  3. Updated a laptop from WIndows VIsta to Windows 7. Originally had Symantec endpoint for virus protection. After the update it showed that windows defender was off and so was symantec. I was able to turn on windows defender but not symantec. I found the folder on the computer and tried to reinstall. No luck. I read that windows 7 & symantec endpoint could have conflict so I then download microsoft securities essentials. It needed to update. So I did that. It took forever and did not update, said the internet connection was the problem. Because I live in the country and have broadband that sometimes is slow or goes out I thought it was plausible. So I tried again. This time I checked my internet connection and it was running fine. Now I am wondering if there is something preventing the update. I would appreciate any help offered. Thanks in advance!