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  1. iamgeorgeareu

    android box

    Make sure the build you are installing is for the same version of kodi that you have installed. I know kodi version 18 (code name "leia") was released fairly recently, so if you have 18 installed... make sure the build is also for version 18. If you have kodi version 17.6 (code name "krypton"), then be sure to use a build for 17.6
  2. iamgeorgeareu

    IntelGuy has passed away

    So sorry to hear this...IG was a fine gentleman. He will be missed
  3. iamgeorgeareu


    lol, great wall looks fun! want to catch that one myself and yes, i've been fortunate enough to see quite a few this year. figures that it was a year without any "great" flicks
  4. iamgeorgeareu


    unfortunately, i didn't think there were any "great" movies this year. here is my rundown (i've seen most of them): manchester by the sea was very good movie, but not great. best actor award for casey affleck was well deserved...he was terrific! hacksaw ridge was a good movie about an incredible story. again, not best picture quality (come on, vince vaughn as the sargeant...really?) arrival was very good, but not best picture worthy. hell or high water was a pretty cool flick, but no way in hell it should have been nominated for best picture. moonlight was ok....but did not belong in best picture category at all. hidden figures was very good, but once again...not great. started to watch fences, but just didn't feel it. i'll give it a shot again one of these days. not into musicals, but i must say....lala land was very good and probably should have won. out of all the nominees, it was the most entertaining IMO didn't see lion yet. it is next on my list! i liked a lot of the animated films this year....trolls, moana, life of pets and zootopia were all excellent! and since you brought up true grit for some reason....the newer version by the coen brothers is BY FAR the better version. jeff bridges was great! the coen bros. make nothing but top quality flicks and certainly did not disappoint with that one.
  5. iamgeorgeareu

    Movies you've watched today.

    He also made a bare-assed appearance in the classic "animal house" ?
  6. iamgeorgeareu

    Movies you've watched today.

    Coen bros. have made some amazing movies, including (not in any particular order): No Country for Old Men Raising Arizona Fargo Blood Simple True Grit and of course: The Big Lebowski Great stuff!!
  7. iamgeorgeareu

    Raspberry PI

  8. iamgeorgeareu

    Raspberry PI

    OSMC is nice....very nice!
  9. hey thanks Tx! running very nicely here...my first taste of lollipop! i will give it a good run tomorrow as its getting late here. thanks for the suggestion, seems to be a pretty nice rom
  10. yes, enjoying it very much! finally arrived yesterday afternoon, had it rooted by evening really fast, really smooth, big bright screen (seemed huge at first, but actually pretty easy to handle), great touch response, camera seems so-so but nothing to complain about. not crazy about placement of volume buttons, but i'll adjust..so far, i am very impressed. just made a backup and am searching xda forums now for the right custom rom to install at 350 for this 64gb version...its a lot of phone for the $$$
  11. Ordered a OnePlus One yesterday! Sounds like a fun device, I'll report back after I play around with it a bit. Hope to have it in a few days!
  12. iamgeorgeareu

    Never had a smart phone before

    Hey nigsy! how are you liking that Z2? i've had the Xperia ZL for about 9 months now and i love this phone! rooted/unlocked the bootloader on mine within days of owning it. been running the carbon rom on here mostly (great rom btw), but i do like the default Xperia look and find myself going back to it occasionally. i have one of those 128gb micro sd cards in it. plenty of room for my 80+gigs of music and a lot of rom backups! bought mine unlocked from newegg for around $450 back in december, and use it on our family plan from at&t. it is an unlimited text/calls plan with 10gbs data shared between 5 of us. we have had no issues with going over the 10gbs as my wife and kids have been warned to do no streaming/downloading while on data. so far its worked out very well for us.
  13. iamgeorgeareu

    caintry boy

    any food that comes in a box will be high in sodium. any food that comes in a can will be high in sodium. even breads and cereals are high in sodium. fresh fruits and veggies are not.
  14. iamgeorgeareu

    caintry boy

    Watch the diet...avoid sodium at all cost. Nearly impossible to do, but imperative with chf
  15. iamgeorgeareu

    Lets post our internet speed!

    the above is my phone, at home using my at&t 4g connection. here is my phone at home using wifi: