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  1. my computer is so slow I need help, please.
  2. What about pictures. I want add a picture to my post and I have no clue. Tried pasting didn't work.
  3. I have several computers and smart phones using one air card and somtimes the IP address conflict. I t very annoying is the way to permently fix this problem.
  4. yes and after i disable the diskette drives i get amessage to reboot with a cd rom i don't have one. what do i do?
  5. When i do that it ask me for a boot cd on restart and i don't have one.
  6. Here the thing i have dell dimension e521 tower windows xp service pack 3 some ram (512) and a old hard drive. when turn it on i get diskette 0 seek failure and i have to hit the f1 key to continue or f2 to go in to the computer set up. It is annoying because there is no diskette on my desktop. How do i fix this?
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