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  1. freedom01

    Windows 10 New Update

    I was wondering if anyone has installed the new version update for Windows 10. Would appreciate any thoughts whether it is worth installing or is it a must. If anyone has installed it yet should we be concerned about losing any files? Thank you!
  2. freedom01

    Website saved as HTML

    The Hosting company I am using had tech issues which prevented my site to open. I was concerned that I may lose all that I had so when it finally came back I saved it to my computer as an HTML file. I was not sure if this would work so once I saved it I checked it out. Much to my surprise after going off line I was able to open it go to additional pages and view hyperlinks I have on site. My question is if they have issues again should I still be able to view this site completely? Thank you, Tom
  3. freedom01

    Freelance On-Line jobs

    I apologize for posting this. Maybe something like this should not be here. I was going to delete, but did not want to leave an empty box. A friend told me about these Freelance On-Line sites where you can go and get jobs for particular skills. I would like to give this a try to make a little extra money so I went to a couple (Freelancer.com, Freelance Up work) and took a little look around. Is anyone familiar with these types of On Line positions and if so is it legit? I know they something about job bidding so it seems kind of complicated. Would appreciate any knowledge in this field. Thank you! Tom
  4. freedom01

    Update Failed

    Thank you so much for the help. I did the download and I was able to hide it on the list of Updates, but about a half hour later that same Update tried to install again (Auto) and came up Failed. I just can't figure why this computer keeps shutting down when I have set for Never.. Maybe should have stuck with Windows 8.1.
  5. freedom01

    Update Failed

    This Update (KB4056892) keeps updating, it has now done it 13 times. I know there was issues with it. It says Failed at first, then it does another Auto Update and it says restart to finish. This has been going on for about a week on my wife’s desktop (Windows 10). Now she has an issue with her computer rebooting like every hour and it has to be restarted to bring it back to desktop. Is there a simple fix or can I just stop the Auto Updates? Is it safe to just remove it? Error Code 0x800f0845 Thank you!
  6. freedom01

    Monitor Fade Out

    Not quite sure what's going on, but could use some expertise. Like right now while I am trying to post this new, odd thing is starting to happen. I am using Windows 10 and have been for quite some time and this issue just started yesterday. Came home from work computer screen was black...not the norm. The PC was not off, but the monitor was dark. I had to put the power (Was already lit) back on for the monitor to go on. It came back for a couple of seconds and then sort of rebooted. It showed me logo (acer) went dark again then showed me logo once more then finally came back just as it did now while I am writing. Would anyone knows what is causing this and if there is a simple fix. it's been doing this off and on thing since lat night. Thank you, Tom
  7. I just upgraded my wife's computer to Windows 10 and I wasn't even aware there were different versions of Windows 10. Could you please let me know if I should have concern with this article in the link please? Thank you! http://www.thundercloud.net/infoave/new/end-of-life-dates-for-windows-10-versions/
  8. freedom01

    Missing Operating System

    I could use some help please. Wife went on her computer this morning and all it showed was Operating System Missing. I installed Win 10 a few months ago USB Boot Disk. Is there any way of getting system back? Went in to try and reinstall, but did not have USB Boot option.
  9. freedom01

    Registry Error

    I'm going to let this project go. Worked on it all weekend and as much as I hate to say it...I failed! I was able to run that Repair program (and I thank you). After it finished it said that there are files that were missing and files that were were corrupt. It said to try running the program again. I think it probably would have turned out the same so I'm just going to let it go. Thanks again for your help.
  10. freedom01

    Registry Error

    For some reason I cannot get this computer connected to the Internet. I think if I could get connected to the Internet I may be able to go further. I have been going back and forth with the Hard Wire between my PC and this one. I tried to connect a wire less adapter I have, but I cannot get it to show up.
  11. freedom01

    Registry Error

    I tried this before I saw your post. I went to my computer and installed CCleaner, put it on a disk and dragged it onto the other computer. I tried to run it and this is what I got. The specified path does not exist check path and try again They suggest a path (ending with .exe). The file is reading c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner64.exe If it already ends with .exe how can I make it recognize it?
  12. freedom01

    Registry Error

    I'm working on a friend's PC. The brand is unfamiliar to me (EMachines), W7 operating system.. Brought it home and booted up, but no way I was getting connected to go on line. It boots up fine, but I'm thinking some kind of virus got in. I try and update, but it refuses to complete all updates. I'm getting error codes 80246005 and MFC 90.dll. I tried to run a registry cleaner Auslogics and without success. Is it possible that the Hard Drive is shot and there's no getting it back? Also tried an System Restore and it wouldn't take.
  13. freedom01


    I'm trying to add autoplay to a Blog, but it seems not matter how I fix the code it still won't work. Could someone please take a look at this code and see where I am going wrong? Thank you! Never mind, solved the problem.
  14. freedom01

    Logo/Web Design Business

    Do not know much, but have a compassion creating. I know I cannot compete with professional web designers, but I am looking to start a Freelance Logo / Web Design business. The problem I am having is that I cannot thin of what to place on the Home Page that will spark interest to someone going to site. I'm trying to put together a business web site for potential clients to have a place to go and get to know me and my plans. My site should be for greeting, meeting and contact. If I was working on a site for someone else I do not think I would be stumped like this. Any thoughts for the Home Page would be greatly appreciated.
  15. freedom01

    Windows 10 Flash Drive

    Put in W10 Flash Drive, bit it will not boot Windows 10.