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  1. I am able watch the entire diagnostic testing but when it gets to Bandwidth, I get a License Expired message.
  2. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    Yeah, your're right about my expectations. I did more research and discovered a small percentage of gamers have done quad channel with RAM. I guess when you throw in the Intel7 CPU it's super fast. I guess they all come here to see where they stand. I'm good with what I use my Rig for, it's meeting my needs just fine. Thanks for the info guys.
  3. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    I will continue to use the remote diagnostic tool for an occassional world comparison of my Rig to others. But I think I will always be a bit leary of the RAM and Video scores. I run my system in Classic Theme but had to enable Aero to get the 8% on Video. Nothing is perfect, I understand that. But the Memory in my system being brand new and running almost as it's touted at 2400Mhz (2376Mhz) with 16GB would seem more logical in the top 15% of all machines tested at the Pit. Thanks again for your input.
  4. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    Well. After doing more tweaking in UEFI I have been able to increase the overall perforance by 11%. That's more than enough for me and I would have to say it's because of the new RAM in two slots. So thanks for your input guys. I will use the aXeRam in my older case to build a faster computer for my HDTV room.
  5. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    New Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2x8GB DDR3 2400MHz PC3 19200 Desktop RAM. Each stick in the blue slots. Doesn't look like I need new RAM.
  6. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    There is some irony here today. Six days ago I ordered Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2x8GB DDR3 2400MHz PC3 19200 Desktop RAM. So when the new Ram arrives I will pull the tower out from under my deskop, remove all four sticks of the aXeRam and put the 2x8GB into slots 1 and 3 (same color). It won't be apples to apples when I post the new results but it defintely has to show a much better score with these dual channel 8GB in two slots. Been wanting to upgrade the Memory since building this Rig a few months ago. That aXeRam came from my previous build, everything else you see above in my previous post are new components. I like to buy 2 or 3 year old technology and save a bundle (except the GTX 970 is new tech). Same advice I give to my client's. (see web in profile). And enjoy the "weenie dog" (.wma) I have at the top of the page. It's a good chuckle!
  7. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    OK. I searched a couple of Windows forums and the bottom line is that 4x4 GB Sticks work just fine. However, you can get a little boost if only 2 sticks are used in the same colored slots. I guess I could drop down to 8GB and put 2 4GB sticks in and see if there is any difference in the beta ajax RAM test.
  8. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    Yes I am running in dual channel.
  9. mousegolf

    Remote Diagnostics

    To the tech-heads in this forum please read this post. Why is my RAM rated so low?
  10. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    Granted. However, with two 8GB kits of matching Ram for a total of 16GB OC'd to 1750Mhz, how can my RAM rank so low as to only be in the top 26%?
  11. mousegolf

    RAM Value

    I have 16GB of Transcend aXeRam 2000Mhz. I have overcloced the memory to appro 1750Mhz, it won't go any higher than that. My scores at PCpitstop show the RAM Value at: 22783 MB/sec That shows my system as being in the top 26% of all systems tested here. I would think it would be higher. Q1: Is this Value 22783 below the top 5%? Q2: Is Transcend AxeRam too old for my new custom build? Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium Components Asus M5A97 R2.0 Corsair Hydro H60 Liquid CPU Cooler FX 8350 8 core CPU SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB WD Caviar HDD 860GB AXeRam 16GB 2000Mhz Corsair PSU 750 Watt EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case If the answer is yes to both of my questions, what recommendation would another custom rig builder make for more modern Memory that can be overclocked?
  12. mousegolf

    Video Test Score

    Curious. My 3D video score puts me in the top 1% but the Video score puts me in the top 18%. Is the Video based on the monitor's pixel dimensions? I use dual LCD 19" 5:4 aspect ratio monitors at 1280 x 1024
  13. mousegolf

    Solid State Drive: Data Transfer Scores

    Custom Build 2011 Moderate Overclocking: This is one of my rigs and is the one I play my particular games on and edit videos. Middle of the road rig but it has been running smoothly since August 2011, except for the obvious decrease in SEQ. Write with the OCz after 4 years.