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  1. bonzai

    CB my friend.

    Oh my, I just saw this. Such sad news.
  2. bonzai

    Friday Night Video's

    I don't remember, but I think this may have been posted before. If it was, it's worth a second go around.......
  3. bonzai

    Snow, Blizzard

    While I do appreciate the offer Tom, I'll have to decline. I had my fill of the white stuff growing up.
  4. bonzai

    Snow, Blizzard

    Yep, that was the '14 Sturgis trip. Put on 5100 miles for the 2 weeks.
  5. bonzai

    Snow, Blizzard

    Supposed to be 85 tomorrow, good day for a ride.
  6. bonzai

    Snow, Blizzard

    I'm not trying to rub it in, but this is what I plan on doing tomorrow......
  7. bonzai

    remove user names

    You need to press and hold the shift key while you press the delete/insert key.
  8. bonzai

    Happy Birthday Caintry!

    Me too... Happy belated!
  9. bonzai

    remove user names

    Does the name highlight when you hover over the name with the mouse? If not, just single click on it to get it highlighted then click shift + delete.
  10. bonzai

    remove user names

    Hover your mouse over the name/email address until it highlights then click "shift" "delete" keys ... it will disappear.