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  1. I just simply can't go through that if it comes. There's no way. Death may be only option to save me.
  2. <BR><BR>I'm going to explain something to you. I don't know if you know this, but client side scripts can download malicious and potentially unwanted software on a remote spot of the user's harddrive. Using a program called Mono C++ can be converted to be cross platform. Mono can also make C# and Visual Basic.net cross platform. You didn't know that did you? You think you know what they can do, but you don't. The only reason Linux isn't affected by viruses is because it's so little of the market share. If Linux replaced Windows Linux would be said to be insecure. That's a fact. I've so much problems iwht getting open source to work. I opened up a Word document in Open Office Writer and it messed up all the formatting. Open Office is supposed to be compatible iwth Microsoft Office and it isn't. When I opened that Word document Writer didn't even put the page numbers I was looking for a video screenshot program and i found one. I was open source and it left a black box on the screen when it exited. Don't you dare tell me I'm incompetent. I can solve most internet connection problems in just a few minutes. I just simply use a netwrok diagnostic tool included with Internet Eplorer. The diagostic tool even told me something was unplugged. Low and behold the router had gotten unploggued somehow. I have a freeware screenshot program that works flawlessly. I get really mad at poeple that support the trash out there. When I went to insert the page numbers in Writer I looked over ever tool, but I couldn't find a way to not have a page number on the first page. The first page would've beent he cover page. It's not my problem if you don't watn antivirus Bruce, but it's the bashing of legitimate companies When I encounter a product that has at least one feature that doesn't work it gets me mad. I've never encounter a Micrsooft program that didn't work. FireFox works fine, but I unistalled it due to vulnerabilities found by Kapersky Internet Security. These vulnerabilities are real because they're on the FireFox webiste. Kapersky internet security has caught every single thing i've encountered. In fact Kapersky scans ever program that starts. It's sved me more than once. In fact it's saved me from a malicious website that was going to excecute deadly script. I've wanted to build software for other operating systems, but the Linux instaler came up with an error. I was going to use it in virtual machine. That's the only real flaw I found in Open Office Writer. I opened up a presentation using Impress and the images in the presentation were all different sizes. One thing Open office didn't have was a way to insert spreadsheets into the word processor. In Office I can insert Wrod documnts into PowerPoint. That may not sound significant, but it allows me to use column formating. Any other processing tool could be used as well as text flow features. What text flow does is flows the text around the image. It saves time and is extremely helpfull. Say I was writing a business plann. Break even point analysis is normally done in spreadsheets. Why should I print the spreadsheet separetly from the rest when I could just insert the spread into the Word document? I could make the inserted spreadsheet any size too. I'm not saying the developers are bad. All I'm say is that they test ever single feature even down the file extension. I would. I'm not an expert by any means. In fact I have a very low self asteem. I was just mad at the post that's all. I didn't have any problems with FireFox. Other security measures include making up strong passwords for the administrator consisting of six or more charactors including numbers and symbols; working in a limited user account and only working in an administrator account when necessary, using string encryption algorithms. 128 bit AES encryption has never been cracked, but I use 256 bit AES There might be other secuirty measures I've missed. . I'm not going to spend weeks making a program just to offer it for free. A decent program takes weeks or months to complete. If I build a good program I don't want that hard work to go to waste. I don't have the time try to use software that doesn't work. About Google I agree with them . I think companies should at least receive a fine if they're websites are compromised. It's a simple matter to catch the signal as it's going from the client to the server. That's why I'd publish any website in secured channels that submiting forms. I do what it takes to keep my customer's data as safe as possible. I have no securty holes on my computer. To those of you that disagree with me I just have to say that I know how bad guys do things and i know their methods. By the way wireless networks can be secured by encryption as well. You talk about not updating. What if you get a buffer flow attack? Buffer overflow is caused by incorrectly done programming code. You didn't know that did you Bruce? I've learned how to recognize insecure code at a glacne. Surpisingly I learned it on the Microsoft Website. to think that you say Windows is insecure when your open source software most of the time has at least one feature that doesn't work. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/Aa302420
  3. The ability of an application to distribute it's load equally between the cores is called multithread programming.
  4. The whole world's out to get me. The government even has torture chambers and tormentors. The torture chambers are the hospitals and the tormentors are the nurses, doctors, councelors, and surgieouns.
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