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  1. yeah, that's what i've been doing. just letting you know........
  2. disabling the process, that is.
  3. i use VPN Unlimited. and it's set as a startup program. PCMatic keeps removing it.
  4. yup. that's what i suspected and did.
  5. https://app.box.com/s/2gyxu99w2j2hyrnrr7rbcdzikjd7cwnk ideas?
  6. TagScanner - tagscan.exe - legitimate mp3 tagging software. i had to reinstall. >=(
  7. PC Matic quarantined a needed file...

    meh i just re-installed it (Popcorn Time). want to whitelist it though, so i don't have to re-install it after every scan.
  8. PC Matic quarantined a needed file...

    would a full restore put other things back or mess things up, or would it just restore that 1 file?
  9. PC Matic quarantined a needed file...

    that's the thing....... i don't have SuperShiel installed or enabled. PC Matic quarantined it last scan all on its own.
  10. Popcorn Time executable to be precise. how do i UN-quarantine it?
  11. it started, but first.....

    that explains it. =)
  12. Error! PC Pitstop Error We're sorry. An error occurred processing the page you requested. If you have questions, please visit our support forums at http://forums.pcpitstop.com. Occurence ID: 13a056a6d74342708980bac503e7812a just FYI....
  13. Best VPN?

    i decided to go with proXPN. no complaints so far.
  14. i think i've decided on going the VPN route...... yet there are a lot of services/clients out there.... is there a general consensus regarding the best one? so far i think i'm leaning to ExpressVPN.
  15. is it wise to have both IPV4 and IPV6 enabled? or should it be one or the other?