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  1. yeah, that's what i've been doing. just letting you know........
  2. disabling the process, that is.
  3. i use VPN Unlimited. and it's set as a startup program. PCMatic keeps removing it.
  4. JamesNigh

    Best VPN?

    i decided to go with proXPN. no complaints so far.
  5. i think i've decided on going the VPN route...... yet there are a lot of services/clients out there.... is there a general consensus regarding the best one? so far i think i'm leaning to ExpressVPN.
  6. is it wise to have both IPV4 and IPV6 enabled? or should it be one or the other?
  7. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    ok, we're good now.
  8. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    yeah, i do the Fix All every month. maybe with the reinstall, something will change next month. i just worry it's not running on the proper .dll and isn't fixing many things, as it thinks it's Win8 still.
  9. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    hmmmmmmmmm now it's showing up in Programs and Features. whaddya mean by Scan and clean exactly? i just did a scan with PCM and nothing happened.
  10. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    <sigh> nope. no change. nor did it prompt to uninstall the existing install. christ, i'm having a bad day.
  11. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    oh, and SuperShield isn't installed anyway.
  12. JamesNigh

    should i be worried?

    ok, i have a problem........ it doesn't see it in add/remove programs. it simply isn't there. not in Revo, either. yet it runs fine.
  13. upgraded machine to Win10 last week....... just scanned; i was expecting to download a .dll or something. but it went as normal, and even afterwards, on the home screen, it says this machine is Windows 8. can't it tell i upgraded?