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  1. Got it resolved, removed the smart host which was relaying through their ISP. Probably accidentally fixed a few other things while messing around, quite honestly I don't really understand all of it.. But its working now. Gotta learn more about fixing these.. I can set them up from scratch, but i don't know much about fixing a jacked up one.. Mine usually stay running
  2. She told me she has rebooted the server completely, she was advised to do this by AVG after they changed some Exchange settings with AVG. She also rebooted her own computer, which now will not come back up That stuff, I know how to fix well, though...
  3. Sorry, Its Windows SBS2003 with the included Exchange 2003. Unsure of the service pack, I have not been onsite yet. I wanted to do as much homework asI could before coming by. I can tell you this, though, Looking at the MX records, the first four on the list are their ISP's Postini servers. Is it possible that the ISP is rejecting the outbound mail, and causing the error in Exchange because it can't get out using the SMTP protocol? I have been advised by some others to check for an SMTP relay point to the ISP instead of the server sending directly. I know that Postini will exhibit this behavior if it gets a surge of 900 outbounds within a certain time period. Also odd that it effects every single user, which makes me wonder again about Postini spam filtering. your thoughts?
  4. If it matters, they are running AVG Business Edition. I spoke with them to see if the AVG may have any influence in triggering this message. They said it shouldn't but advised me how to turn off features that "protect" Exchange, like message and spam filtering. But as you said, there may be an infection that is hammering the SMTP server from the inside and it may be crossing some threshold of send attempts per hours or something like that in Exchange. Guess I need to just dig in and find where these settings may exist.
  5. Afternoon, all. I am not too sharp on Exchange.. That said, I have a friend who's exchange server is suddenly not allowing anyone on the network to send email. They can receive just fine. The error message they are getting is pictured below. I have checked their mail server against global blacklists, and they are not blacklisted. This message appears to be coming directly from the exchange server before it ever hits the receiving server anyway, and it happens no matter who they try to send an email to: Help? Thanks, -myk
  6. Change recommendations have been made with the exception of the restructure. I'll need to think on that one for a little bit and run it through the Mrs, who is much more creative than me. I tried to word most of the site to connect with a person's feelings when having trouble versus using a bunch of technical talk that most wouldn't understand. the other things you noted were punctuation and grammar errors, and very easy to correct, but tough to spot if you've been staring at it for a bit. Nothing better that having an unbiased fresh set of eyes to help spot things like this. Greatly appreciated.
  7. Awesome, thank you for that! very good feedback, and honest, which is what i need.
  8. I started making sites a while back. never became a web design legend, but I do a few small projects here and there. It's been about 3 years since my last site overhall, so I figured it's about time. My first few sites were done in straight HTML. Then i ventured into using PHP and made my site more modular so that changes could be made easier, doing things like using a PHP include for my navigation structure so I could change one file to change the menu on all pages. Then I stumbled across Drupal and haven't looked back. That said, please check out and critique the new (and hopefully improved) version of Kingdom Computer Solutions, conveniently located at http://www.kingdomcomputer.info Hopefully there aren't any, but if you happen to note any spelling or grammatical errors, let me know. thanks, and it's good to be back. Haven't visited here in a while.
  9. Yeah, this is a duplicate of my post in User to User, but getting no response there.. I recently setup a new laptop for a client, its running Windows 7 Professional. I am having a problem with RDP connection to this laptop with the username and password being rejected. Its definitely not a networking issue, as the laptop login shows up.. Further investigation shows that when I go into advanced RDP settings to the part with users authorized to access the laptop, the only user shown is "Owner" instead of the actual user account name. When I go to add another user and try to add the actual user name, it is not shown. Any ideas? Typically, just enabling RDP, configuring your listening port, and making sure your firewall/router is set to forward to the right inside computer is all it takes, never seen this happen before. Thanks, -myk
  10. I bought 4 TP-Link model TL-WA901ND wireless access points. I am having trouble understanding the difference between WDS mode and Universal Repeater mode. It looks like both will do the same thing, except Universal Repeater mode is WAY simpler to set up. Will either allow seamless transfer between access points? I am trying to create a single wireless network that will allow roaming computers to never lose connection while walking through the building. Thanks, -myk
  11. i cant get that far. If the windows disk doesn't detect that windows is installed, it never gives you the repair option to get the console up. He has all his important data backed up, and i have him up and running on a laptop for now. just gonna reinstall, this thing was running dog slow anyway... thanks, -myk
  12. I have a friend with a crashed HP Touchscreen computer. It wont finish booting, looks like it just needs to have the master boot record repaired. Problem is, when I boot from the dvd, i don't get a repair option, as if Windows doesn't recognize that it is already installed. It shows all the right partitions, etc, but will only allow me to clean install. I tried F8 to get to a console and attempt to repair the bot record, but pressing F8 just yields another black screen of death. What other options do i have? i can back up his data with linux and clean install, but I am trying desperately to not have to clean install, as it will take quite a bit of work to get him back to where he left off... thanks, -myk
  13. Mac virgin here... Got a friend with a dying 500GB Time Capsule. Looks like it'd be more economical to just buy a wireless-n router with usb ports and add a 2TB hard drive, but what other software can he use with a Mac to perform automated backups to the networked USB hard drive? thanks, -myk
  14. Looking for a recommendation for software to make a photo slideshow dvd. My needs are VERY simple. I don't need background music or fancy transitions. i just need the ability to play the thing on a set-top dvd player where each photo is actually a paused scene. In other words, I would like the user to be able to advance the photos herself. Thanks, -myk
  15. screw it.... it'd be quicker to just run down to best buy and get a card that is definitely Win 7 compatible... I can use this one in another machine running Linux or and older version of Windows...
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