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  1. I have now raised a ticket with support. Watch this space!!! Bob.
  2. I have recently changed from NTI Backup Now 5 to NTI Backup Now EZ and the old problem has reappeared. Namely if I run PCMatic scan then the installation of EZ is corrupted and I have to re-install it. Seems like PCMatic is screwing around with the registry setting again. Please help. Bob Vaughan.
  3. Problem now resolved. I must congratulate you on your excellent and rapid response to this problem. NTI Backup Now 5.5 is now working correctly after a PCMatic scan and fixes applied. Bob Vaughan.
  4. IntelGuy, The four NTI services are running and set to automatic before and after the scan and fixes applied. I now have a little more information. When I run the scan the results show only one fix to be applied as follows:- The Low Security Threat Test is showing red. If I click on the test then I get a pop up screen with a red spot showing Name:- Cookie:Tracking Cookie, Category:- Cookie (general), Level:-Level 5 If I click on the Fixes Button I get the following:- Test Area:- Security Low, Test Name:- Tracking Cookies, Scan Result:- 1 Tracking Cookie Found, Recommendation:- Remove. When I apply the fixes NTI Backup Now 5.5 fails to start as described previously. Restoring presumably restores the cookie and NTI Backup Now runs again. Bob Vaughan
  5. IntelGuy I have done the following:- 1. Run NTI Backup Now which started correctly. 2. Run PCMatic and applied fixes. 3. Run NTI Backup Now. The following message appears "NTI Backup Now 5 was not installed properly. Please re-install the software" 4. Restored settings of PCMatic to settings before PCMatic was run. 5 Run NTI Backup Now which started correctly. The same problem occurs on my other laptop so it is not specific to this machine. Bob Vaughan.
  6. I have just purchased PCMatic. When I run a scan and follow with the fixes, NTI Backup Now version 5.5 stops working. The fixes include optimisation of NTI services. If I restore the previous settings before the scan then Backup Now starts working again. Seems the optimisation of NTI services is incorrect. Suggestions please. Bob Vaughan
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