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  1. Sunday funnies........

    Temp here was 63F Saturday. Went down to 4F last night. It would appear that winter has returned. Therefore, this commercial seems appropriate.
  2. Sunday funnies........

    Favorite Clydesdale commercial:
  3. caintry boy

    OK. Not nearly exactly, but similar. Let's go with it reminded me of:
  4. caintry boy

    Clean up what? It looks to me that he has some of the essentials within easy reach so he doesn't have to lug that "stuff" around. I find it funny that the vac looks nearly exactly like my old cellular bag phone I've got sitting on the end of my desk.
  5. I hate to be a nag... but you should really consider keeping Ubuntu or make some other choice for your operating system. Trying to run XP, at this point in time, is, perhaps, worse than playing Russian roulette. There is nothing secure about it. You are going to find sites and programs that will not allow you access if you are running XP. The browser you are now using is extremely unsecure. You should never even consider using those computers for anything that contains personal information. That means no banking, no online purchases, etc. You probably shouldn't even use it for email. You are now a danger to the whole World Wide Web. I know that sounds dramatic... but it is the truth.
  6. Our Newest Moderator

    Congrats Tx. Oops. You specifically thanked ladies. Probably even implied that they were of the female persuasion. I feel certain that harassment is involved there somewhere and therefore you are no longer qualified. Sorry.
  7. It was bad!

    They probably aren't. It's apparently just me seeing things. That sounds like a good thing.
  8. It was bad!

    You would at least have different bruises. It looks to me that the shoulder strap bit you pretty good... which probably means that it saved you from broken ribs by the steering wheel. (I'm guessing the eyes are courtesy of the wheel) It also looks like the seatbelt may have saved you from exiting through the windshield.
  9. It was bad!

    At least it's good to see that you had your seatbelt and shoulder harness on.
  10. It was bad!

    With those two black eyes... I suspect that you think the nurse was cute. Perhaps you need to concentrate a little more on the more kindly, yet homely, nurses that are available at any medical facility. Then maybe you wouldn't work so hard to try to get back to see them. Ms. Sparkles needs to give you a talking to about taking care of yourself!
  11. Only 5 more days

    They expect to send him home tomorrow. He hasn't said anything since they removed the tube and he refuses to walk. He's also basically refused to eat. They are keeping him overnight to get some more calories in his body. They hope that will give him some more energy. Basically, they say he is going through withdrawals from the narcotics they were giving him all of the time he was on the ventilator.