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  1. You're forgiven. I'm just in a different mood this evening:
  2. You're cheating on the timing... but excellent choice.
  3. It would seem to me that you must not have understood the reply to OP given by the Administrator Tx Redneck. He specifically pointed out the part of the Terms of Use that prohibits the discussion of how to bypass or break passwords... and you turn around and recommend that they install a cracking tool. I suspect your time on this forum will be short lived.
  4. That is a very nice machine. I think he will find that there isn't much he can't do with that rig. Looks like a good price also.
  5. Except its not android and therefore won't run most apps (in some cases non of the android apps).
  6. As Tx said, I don't think anyone has posted in that forum for at least a year (or maybe two) but it is weird that it currently shows that there are no posts in the forum... and a password is required to enter it. I'd swear it wasn't like that not to long ago.
  7. It looks like it is 800mhz also https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-M378t2863rzs-Cf7-Pc2-6400u-240Pins-Non-Ecc/dp/B00DUGH67Q
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