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  1. Well, that's the thing...over half of their stock is HP. On their site, I think I counted 15 HP computers (including Compaq in there), 1 Toshiba, 1 Acer, 3 Lenovos, 2 Sonys, and the rest are Dells so about 6 since the total is 28. The Acer they offer is the Acer AS4810-8480 14" Laptop w/IntelĀ® ULV SU3500 Processor. I think the ones they have IN STORE are just the really little ones, the Netbooks.
  2. I bought an HP from Staples less than a year ago. BIG MISTAKE. The touch sensitive volume control was faulty from the get go (and was totally unresponsive a few months ago) and the left click broke around February or March. As soon as I got home from college, I started working on having it repaired. I didn't do so before then because I was still in school and needed it. It worked in the sense that it did what I needed it to do but it was still covered by both the manufacturer and store warranty so I wanted it fixed as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Well, I'll try to make this as short as possible. HP refused to fix it citing that they'd found a broken spring under the clicker and that they considered that "physical damage" which isn't covered. They wanted $300. I declined and asked for it back. Staples then gave me the run around for weeks. They've had it since mid June, maybe the end of June at the latest. They sent it away but got it back still broken, only the volume control was fixed. They sent it away again. My Dad calls them 8 or so days later and they inform us that their dear Blue Raven won't fix it because they found "physical damage". Umm...they fixed it before (well, partly)...so what exactly have they found since then? It wasn't broken up when I had it so if there's damage, they broke it themselves. Now I'm looking at getting a new computer because my Dad was infuriated and argued. They'll either refund my money or give me a new laptop (and warranty) or they'll give me a new laptop and refund the warranty. I don't know, my Dad was so mad that he was hard to understand. The problem is that Staples really only seems to sell HP computers. They have some Sony, some Lenovo, some Acer, and some Dell but that seems to be it. I would rather go somewhere else and get another brand but I don't have that option at the moment. I don't know if I have to stick to IN STORE items or if I could pick one off their site but if I can, this is all they offer (assuming the link will work) : http://www.staples.com/Laptops-Laptops/cat_CL161747 I need a computer for schoolwork, music, and online gaming. I'm taking Web Development courses so there will be some programming and website design going on. I don't know what to get, I'm almost too off to even look. Any advice on what to get until I can go elsewhere?
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