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  1. I just received a reply from PC PitStop's Tech Support. The reply states that PC MaticRT is "virus" checking / malware finder/ etc etc etc program. Of course, you shouldn't have more than one virus / malware interceptor on your PC at a time. THAT IS THE REASON that PC MaticRT is compaining. I replied that if I had known that was the function of RT, I wouldn't have installed it in the first place. PC PitStop should do a better job of documenting what thei products do (particularly in this case). I unintalled RT because I prefer NIS 2011 and its functionality over RT.
  2. Yesterday, I received and installed the latest release of PC MaticRT. After installation, it started complaining about AD-Aware Pro. As I no longer wanted to run AD-Aware, I uninstalled it thinking that would solve the conflict messages. It didn't. It (PC MaticRT) started the same complaint messages about Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2011. Getting rid of NIS 2011 is a whole different story. That just isn't going to happen on my PCs. The previous version of RT didn't complain about either of these products. What changed? I (instead) have uninstalled PC MaticRT to avoid the annoying messages and apparent conflicts. I'm posting this in hopes that someione else might have a workable resolution.
  3. Sounds like a great utility.... Any idea where I find a similar utility for VISTA Ultimate? I download this one but it appears to only work for XP and Win2K.
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