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  1. I have not participated in a very long time be it via forum activity and or a anti-malware role etc. I will endeavour to do so again...
  2. This sort of RLM(real life malware) is hardly a new approach; but still common place most unfortunately... Microsoft never contact a customer this way and or do any of the other well known IT related company's. My friendly advice is merely ignore and hang up straight away if you receive such a bogus call. For what it is worth I have received such in the past myself, I knew straight away a fake(was annoyed because I have a so called unlisted land-line number)...my ultimate response; I have a Apple machine, my daft sense of humour.
  3. I'm not one such for profane language and or daft abbreviations...however FFS mate(the middle F being a Irish 'Feck')! Get well soon mate.
  4. Congratulations/well deserved lad!
  5. A wee bit belated on my behalf... However please except my sincere goodwill for all and best wishes for the New Year!
  6. Very very belated; however thank you my friend as for Tom's reply...that highly amuses me to be honest! Plus I do honestly like the him... ...
  7. Not much better Liverpool/England apparently when I performed a quick check...
  8. Not the gallery per say...but rather a more recent picture of yours truly!
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