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  1. Microsoft Warning Alert FAKE

    This sort of RLM(real life malware) is hardly a new approach; but still common place most unfortunately... Microsoft never contact a customer this way and or do any of the other well known IT related company's. My friendly advice is merely ignore and hang up straight away if you receive such a bogus call. For what it is worth I have received such in the past myself, I knew straight away a fake(was annoyed because I have a so called unlisted land-line number)...my ultimate response; I have a Apple machine, my daft sense of humour.
  2. It was bad!

    I'm not one such for profane language and or daft abbreviations...however FFS mate(the middle F being a Irish 'Feck')! Get well soon mate.
  3. Our Newest Moderator

    Congratulations/well deserved lad!
  4. Merry Christmas

    A wee bit belated on my behalf... However please except my sincere goodwill for all and best wishes for the New Year!
  5. Happy Birthday Juliet

    Happy Birthday!
  6. Pit Gallery

    Very very belated; however thank you my friend as for Tom's reply...that highly amuses me to be honest! Plus I do honestly like the him... ...
  7. Air Quality

    Not much better Liverpool/England apparently when I performed a quick check...
  8. Pit Gallery

    Not the gallery per say...but rather a more recent picture of yours truly!
  9. Happy Birthday geewhiz

    Happy Birthday(belated)!
  10. Seems legit.......

    Hardly surprising all told, such can originate from say a data/pseudo server farm centre in Asia for example to name but one example... The very same can also be used for absolutely anything to gain information.
  11. Friday Night Video's

    I dinna post in this topic often but I am subscribed as you all know. Anyway I like this track from Linkin Park, thought provoking in a way for myself as it reminds myself in a round about way about my dear departed son... IE men are not supposed to feel emotion and or such; utter crap! I miss my boy every single day and would swap places in a heartbeat! Hoverer I'm not maudlin by the way and still the Anti-Malware Mammoth!