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  1. oh i know handbreak will crush mine with six cores, i mean it can utilize up to 12 which is nice, and why its a great program
  2. that amd six core doesnt look to pleasing... far as i know my 955 does better then it, depending on the program... and in games, 955 wins...
  3. those things are power hogs... and with a 97c load temp, could just about boil water with it.... lol i wouldnt even think about buying one though... nvidia could have done better on them
  4. what your idle temps with that corsair h50 and ur 3.8 overclock?
  5. isn't a raid 5 with four drives faster then a raid 0 with 2 drives???
  6. I just have a standard 4890 nothing special. Core clock 850 memory clock whatever standard is.
  7. i get frame rate drops in ONLY call of duty games like world at war and mw2... i have yet to figure out why... i have a xfx 4890 and set my games to play at 60 fps at 1920x1080 and all do it fine without hiccups, but call of duty does not... my bios is up to date and my card has the latest driver... any ideas why it is strictly doing it on call of duty???? thanks
  8. what type of connection do u have>?? try a factory reset on the router
  9. title pretty much says it all... which one simply is the better av....
  10. your q6600 idles at 50c??? with mine at 3.2 with an arctic freezer 7 my idle was 30c..... hmmm ur stuff is def running hot....
  11. i have heard crucial isn't that good... i have bought nothing but gskill and have had no problems in the last 2years... great stuff....
  12. i would like to see the bench marks as well..... post em up
  13. yea that's my cpu... my gpu load is like 70 but that's normal
  14. cant be overheating... load is like 40c.... gpu is fine!~~!!!
  15. Isn't the gelid stuff better then ocz freeze? But I'm not sure if gelid is conductive or not
  16. hows that gelid stuff anyone know? is it thermal conductive? if so i don't want to be using it
  17. Isn't. That gel stuff almost to easy to spread like as in runny
  18. zalman thermal paste isn't conductive is it?
  19. is evercool thermal paste any good or is it cheap????? does it do a good job? my local shop has some and i wanted to pick some up...
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