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  1. windows defender

    Thank you both I followed the link above that Juliet posted and I just followed all instruction to the T and all better. Back to normal. W Defender finally updated and did the scan and said I was normal I can't thank you enough..... this prob has been going on for some time now. Finally with you help all gone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JoAnn
  2. windows defender

    still will not update I followed a few suggestion I got from windows this is the message I got: WARNING: could not delete Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Services\d2a43d25-c26c-4e9d-8784-2f51494a8ed8 service registry key 0x80070002 2017-01-17 18:18:25:277 1008 aec Agent WARNING: Failed to delete service from the backup store, error = 0x80070002
  3. windows defender

    yes I do ...... Frontier Secure I pay for this one it is not a free one.
  4. for some time I have not been able to complete a windows defender update.,, I am getting the error 0X80070652 I have no idea what this is., can you please help me ? I run windows 7 on this computer I am having trouble with. JoAnn
  5. Asus tf201

    A BIG THANK YOU This time it worked, I got to safe mode and reset it. It took about 20 minutes in all. THANK YOU AGAIN JoAnn
  6. Asus tf201

    will try it is a 4.0.3 these two listed above have not worked when holding power option menu does not appear. what is the power option suppose to say. when I do it the only choise I have is to continue or OK I guess I am not understsnding something Thanks for helping me JoAnn
  7. Asus tf201

  8. Asus tf201

    this asus has gotten a virus . [ cyber police] The fix says to boot into safe mode. When I press and hold the start button. well that didn't work for me. this virus won't let me do anything. next tried.....press and hold f8 key. well the F' keys are not on the keyboard. even this keyboard dosn't have them. i need to get on safe mode JoAnn '
  9. I have a 2 part question

    you were correct again. It was Exterminate.... I purchased it from PC Pitstop Thank you so very very much... I knew I would get the correct answer. I just ran it again it found very very low grade things I just got rid of them too. Thank you Jo Ann
  10. I have a 2 part question

    Guess What? I got it off really......... I got it off....... I had spybot, adaware and windows defenders and thought I was in good shape well I guess I wasn't....... I went and scanned my computer with Exterminater 2 the free version, it found the mapcmd.exe file and said it was only a trace left behind. In order to get rid of it I had to purchase the Exterminater 2 but that was just fine. It found the problem and got rid of it.....also I can use the same version on my other 2 computers it says I can use it on up to 5 computers. I don't care I am very very happy that it is gone. I will run the Exterminater 2 at least every week..... I have rebooted my computer about 5 times already and it has not come back.... I want to thank you so very much for putting up with me. The last file you wrote I was starting to get scared I had no idea what I was doing. and what if I typed even one thing wrong.... so I am so very happy the price was affordable only $29.99 for 3 computers... Do I still need spybot, adaware, Windows Defender and Exterminator ?? can I delete any of those ?? Thank you so very much for helping me......... I am so glad I decided to run that program. Thank you again.
  11. I have a 2 part question

    Is Speedy PC any good to try???? I typed in Microsoft defender and that's what came up Speedy PC
  12. I have a 2 part question

    this still did not work...... however I have no idea where to begin nor where to end with this last string of directions. I have been affraid to put more in not knowing where to do that..... after the first set of on error resume.... do I copy and paste everything the next time of what. however on the sest top there is a windows system 32 black box..... it says C:usersJoAppDatalocaltemp is present mapcmdrun.exe is present press any key to continue I did that and nothing happens that I know of I don't see anything different. I now have 3 boxes on my desktop one saved to DelMapcmdrun one saved to prog Assoc and the 3rd one shows gears that is the one with the C: now what??????
  13. I have a 2 part question

    This is what I got a box Wndows Script Host Script: C:UsersJoDesktopPgmAssoc.vbs Line: 5 Char: 1 Error: Type mismatch: 'FixExt' Code 800A000D Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error is this the error message I should have gotten? If so where do I put the data you said to follow? I have no idea where to end and begin with you above strings ? nor do I know where to put them ? Are they all one ?? What do I put "on error resume" ??????? I am just confused with this last message. I got everything up to this one. I ended on the first resume.
  14. I have a 2 part question

    nope didn't work either..... I just want this thing gone off my desktop. I can click the run and it turns off ....but a booting up it comes right back. I did everything you said..... I did not get the "press anh key) prompt appear the command prompt window. what I got was what program do you want this to run in.... I am feeling crazy and dumb for not being able to delete this thing for good... However the file does show on my desktop like you said.
  15. I have a 2 part question

    I still can not find the systems folder..... I have tried all the things you have said but it still does not show the systems folder....... I just want to get this window from popping up when I first boot up. it says it is unknown ....... I will get back to you as to who is unknow I have to re-start for it to pop up again. OK here is what the window says.... open file security warning unknown publisher publisher could not be verified: are you sure you want to run this software under all of this is the string. c:usersjoAppDatalocaltempsystemmapcmdrun.exe