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  1. In view of the general advice not to run 2 A/Vs at the same time, is there any problem with running M/S security Essentials alongside PC Matic and Supershield? And Given that PC Matic is important to me, do I still need Security Essentials?
  2. I have an iphone 3GS. Works beautifully and does everything I need. Takes a bit of learning to use it to its full capacity but when you do - wow!
  3. If you have any future problems with windows sizes, this is a great free program which takes care of it. http://www.jiisoft.com/iemaximizer/
  4. Seeing that you now need a good and reliable media player, try VLC. I wouldn't be without it.. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
  5. How many sticks of RAM are there in this machine? You might try pulling them out (one at a time) to see if this could be the problem.
  6. Time Now: Nov 04 2011 12:07 PM Last Visit: Today, 06:57 AM Exec. Time: 0.2286 Load: 1.19 Much better
  7. 0700 fri 4 Nov Exec time to GD 38.62
  8. Can you get IG to fix this? He always fixes my problems.
  9. I like it. Well done. Thanks.
  10. I agree with Joe - I canrt see how youre going to connect without a 3G compatible router. I use this router http://au.billion.com/product/voip/bipac7404vgpx.php which I bought specifically for use with a 3G USB modem. I actually abandoned the 3G network in favour of ADSL 2+ because the reception was so pathetic but I still use the router for VOIP calls. It is an excellent router and easy to set up.
  11. Congrats Juliet - he's right you are a little gem .
  12. Difficult questions - I can only help with some. We just had our website totally upgraded and the overall cost was $1600. We were prepared to spend up to $20,000 and we had quotes of up to $17,000. The original website was created from scratch for $1100 but that was a few years ago. All we retained was some artwork of the Home page. We are very happy with the result. Regarding maintaining a ready built site, do you mean the uploading of new information? If so that depends on the hours you need to put in. Dont forget to factor in the cost of any upload programs you may use (Adobe for instance doesnt come cheap) Regarding Facebook. If you create a Facebook page you will be an Administrator and once the basic information is there theres not much maintainance to do other than keeping the idiots out You can link your sites to your Facebook page there is no charge. Dont know about Twitter, all my friends have stopped using it in favour of Facebook. Unless you have a lot of spare time forget the weekly newsletter its probably easier to create a link to an existing one. So many people start out with all the good intentions in the world - write one or two and then lose enthusiasm. I'm not saying you would do that but it does happen very frequently and unlless you maintain a regular schedule of new information you could lose your credibility. Cant help with an online store - we are about to install a shopping trolley, we already have an SSL which cost us an additional $250. Re Podcasts cant help.
  13. I really think you need to reconsider the new Facebook title: PC Matic with Supershield - Bad Advice I did watch the commercial but anyone who reads that line and doesnt watch it, could just read the title and think PC Matic is something to avoid. When I first read that line I thought it was a complaint.
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