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  1. JonTom

    Happy Birthday Juliet

    Dearest Juliet I have not forgotten you Have a wonderful birthday, Jon
  2. JonTom

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Dear All I logged in today after a very long time away, and was met by this incredibly sad news. IntelGuy, rest in peace my friend. We never met in person but you will be missed. My thoughts and Best wishes are with IntelGuys family at this very difficult time. JT
  3. JonTom

    Intel Guy Retires

    Enjoy your retirement Intel Guy
  4. JonTom

    caintry boy

    Thats awesome news
  5. JonTom

    caintry boy

    Hi caintry_boy Please forgive me, I have been away from the forums for a very long time and only visit now and then. So sorry to hear about all the difficult times you and your loved ones have been going through. I'm sending good thoughts your way. Stay strong my friend My Very Best wishes to you and Karen. Jon
  6. JonTom

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    Its been a while since I was last here (but I'm still around... ) All tabs clicked
  7. JonTom

    Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    Its been a while since ive been here All tabs clicked.....
  8. Due to a lack of response this thread is now closed. If you need further assistance please begin a new thread.
  9. Hello seasun21 and My name is JonTom [*]Malware Logs can sometimes take a lot of time to research and interpret. [*]Please be patient while I try to assist with your problem. If at any time you do not understand what is required, please ask for further explanation. [*]Please note that there is no "Quick Fix" to modern malware infections and we may need to use several different approaches to get your system clean. [*]Read every reply you receive carefully and thoroughly before carrying out the instructions. You may also find it helpful to print out the instructions you receive, as in some instances you may have to disconnect your computer from the Internet. [*]PLEASE NOTE: If you do not reply after 3 days your thread will be closed. Nothing obvious is showing up in your system logs so we will have to do a little digging. What do the error messages that you receive say exactly? Are you receiving any popups or redirects? Can you remember the name of the malware detected by MBAM? You appear to have a number of registry cleaners installed. We do not recommend the use of registry cleaners as they can sometimes cause more harm than good. Please do not perform any more registry cleans while we work together. [*]Security Programs [*]I can see from your log that you have a number of real-time security programs running, namely ZoneAlarm Antivirus and Norton Internet Security. [*]Whilst both of these programs provide good security, they may clash with each other which can leave your system vulnerable to infection. [*]You are advised to remove one of these programs. [*]Please make sure that you only have ONE Firewall and ONE real-time Antivirus running on your system. [*]CKScanner [*]Download CKScanner by askey127 from here and save it to your Desktop. [*]Double click CKScanner.exe then click on Search For Files. [*]When the cursor hourglass disappears, click Save List To File. [*]A message box will verify the file saved. [*]Double click the CKFiles.txt icon on your desktop then copy/paste the contents in your next reply [*]Junkware Removal Tool Please download Junkware Removal Tool by clicking here and save it to your desktop. [*]Shutdown your antivirus to avoid any conflicts. [*]Double click JRT.exe to run the tool. [*]The tool will open and start scanning your system. [*]Please be patient as this can take a while to complete. [*]On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open. [*]Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message. Please post the CKScanner log and the Junkware Removal Tool log in your next reply along with the answers to my questions
  10. Hello seasun21 Thank you for posting the requested logs. I will check through them and get back to you later today JonTom
  11. Hello seasun21 Thanks for letting me know. Please work your way through the steps outlined above and post the logs as requested. If you encounter any problems come back here and let me know.