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  1. It appears from reading some of the replies here that many of the users here have no idea of the time, effort, and investment that goes into a writing a software product. Rewrite the driver? Sure -- when we get the real specs from MS. The company I work for won't touch Vista for that reason. All new PCs are immediately re-imaged to XP-Pro. The company owner/manager is a programmer/SW Engineer who is vastly more experienced with these items than most who work for him. It was his determination that Vista wasn't yet up to the standard of use he required. The biggest problem with Vista remains this: If you want to "upgrade" to use it, you'll have to buy a complete new computer system, and replace all the application software you used on the other with the new versions -- NOT guaranteed to work with Vista. I don't have the money to do that, and wouldn't even if I did. From my point of view, there was only 1 reason to do that: Force the users to buy a new machine, and the new OS, so Big Brother Bill can have more control of your PC. I haven't seen much actual improvement since W98SE. Everything else has left more security holes in the system, and more problems for the users. KP
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