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  1. I am loyal to Gateway so I ordered a Gateway notebook. ..WITH VISTA A week after I had it I had to reinstall VISTA (to fix some corrupt files after downloading a program (Picture Project, along with the link to "fix" the compatibility. I DO like a lot of the VISTA features (getting used to the changes! LOL ) 2007 Microsoft Office programs are a challenge from the 2002 versions! I tried to download Adobe PhotoShop Elements 6.0 (version 5.0 workded fine) and it lost my "E" drive (DVD/CD drive) (make it in accessable and non-functioning) I had to restore to get it back. Adobe reassures me that they are aware of the problem and if I have a problem when re-installing the 6.0 that they have the solution information to resolve the conflict. Often...Vista blames the Software maker...and the Software maker blames Vista!
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