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  1. https://forum.acronis.com/forum/acronis-true-image-2018-forum/clone-hdd-2-ssd-vs-restore-hdd-backup-ssd?page=1#comment-481693 This posted and here - look at the second page of the post - 3-4 last threads in this post ^^^^ After restored backup in SSD (migrate to SSD via restore backup) - I can Not boot in windows - Acronis TI 2018 used,... gets into boot process... see shots attached I completed RECOVERY TO SSD from USB3 EXT HDD backup, success...!!! But the boot problem is the same as HDD boot seems the Acronis interfere with boot process... how disable this??? see shots attached by series... Now only SSD present No usb ext hdd ... No CDROM rescue media well how boot in windows I think must disable Acronis at boot, how??? well ?? Are you suggest do a Windows Repair With Windows 10 1809 DVD created today with windows media tool ... or... ?
  2. " Can you delete the unused partition " you mean the small recovery partition??? has anything do with Windows 10 boot process... ? is ok to get rid?
  3. I use Mac - Vmware Fusion Pro 11 - Windows 10 Pro Virtual Machine[VM] I resized hdd of VM [Fusion Pro 11]... i then went to Disk Management [in guest Win 10 Pro] to resize C:/ HDD but I can Not EXTENT This partition due middle recovery Partition... obstacle see attachment is there a solution to extent HDD to another 20GB ... ??
  4. I tried Acronis TI 2018 cloning live in Win 10 Pro... by this meaning run Win 10 Pro / Acronis TI 2018... and clone OS itself ... This i tried. I exchanged disks but Not booted... what happened the cloning does not completed OK... ? The other way is cloning by booting on Acronis Media TI 2018... and clone the OS win 10 Pro withOut boot from it ... this Not tried.
  5. CLONING an HDD [having partitions C:/ boot-able and T:/ Not boot-able] to SSD the PC is HP Compaq 8200 Elite Micro-tower model 2011, processor core i5 2400 The question is After perform the cloning with ACRONIS TI 2018 and replace the HDD with the SSD The Boot C:/ Partition must normally recognized automatically, or needed setup the Boot Partition in BIOS ?
  6. I installed in old PC- 2003 Sony Desktop IDE HDD Lubuntu 18.04 In case can connect usb HDD adapter [IDE corrupted disk] to this Lubuntu OS to read the ext4 partition... ?
  7. "and you use CS for that drive, it'll slave automatically" in case second drive add, add it in mid of IDE cable connection... to end of cable should be the old-1st- CS drive... correct? for now added the good drive IDE to end of cable and worked... is the only healthy disk the old is corrupted... if corrupted IDE inserted to usb connector for IDE & SATA HDDs DESKTOP and usb connected to Windows 10 PC... can view both partitions to retrieve data Win XP ntfs & MX LINUX ext4???
  8. How understand if PC 2003 supports CABLE SELECT mode.... ?
  9. I decided use ONLY new HDD IDE one last Q Jumber in IDE disk shows that : |:| : : is in second position meaning as per diagram in disk: CABLE SELECT ===> WHAT MEANS THIS - IF IS THE ONLY ONE CABLE MUST CONNECTED IN THE END OF IDE CABLE???? IF WAS LIKE |:| : : : THEN WOULD BE as per diagram master=ON, slave=OFF
  10. thank you very much for your help as this thread here posted by me https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=44320&p=438012#p438012 says "Your hard drive is about to crash. Catastrophically. Doesn't matter what Operating System you are using." can skip 1. The diagnostics tools run from DOS - and proceed to 2 ... Use old disk one was[2003] so must be master [GRUB ok - when choose OS then the problem] plus new disk IDE HDD slave and install in slave Lubuntu??? from the post I insert link to mxlinux.org forums Are you recommend this ^^^ or Just make slave(new IDE HDD) >>> master and use only this???
  11. what if OSs neither loads but Bootloader GRUB to pick OS loads - I mean after pick OS [XP or MX Linux] this OS not load failure after some lines of text appear on screen... Am I able to insert slave IDE HDD and install Lubuntu 32bit on it ... Boot loader then will show choice Lubuntu first so load Lubuntu,...success? On the other hand how change the jumber... What tool must use to do a slave hdd ide >>> master hdd ide so use only the new ide hdd, in case? New hdd ide in slave now.
  12. Also The IDE cable has two IDE adapters In case connect both IDE HDDs matters slave new IDE HDD and initial old IDE HDD matters their position in IDE cable or NOT matter?
  13. I HAVE AN EXPERIMENTAL DESKTOP PC 2003 32bit MY ONLY ONE HDD[IDE] CORRUPTED AND I HAVE A NEW ONE [IDE] BUT IS SET AS SLAVE IN JUMBER... what can do? Can leave corrupted inside and install this as slave? and install in slave Lubuntu 18.04 32-bit ????? Old IDE HDD has MX Linux 32 bit[2ND-INSTALLED] and Windows XP[1-ST] 32bit ---- I THINK BOOT LOADER IS OK BUT BOTH OSs fail to load...
  14. https://www.tenforums.com/graphic-cards/107394-after-awake-my-pc-sleep-both-monitors-show-no-signal-but-pc-l.html#post1336624 POSTED AND HERE ^^^^ win 10 ProI think is because I closed all windows and put it in sleep immediatelyhardly happens if give windows some time and after put it in sleep ... this way Never appear this... TO WAKE AND DISPLAYS NO SIGNALIf you disconnect both monitors and then plug one back in does the monitor wake up ?NEVER TRIED - BUT WILL DO SO IF HAPPENS AGAINHDMI SMALL IN PC TO HDMI FULL IN MONITOR 4K LGDVI-D IN PC TO HDMI KVM SWITCH TO HDMI IN MONITOR 2K 1080p LGGRAPHICS CARD IS evga nvidia 2012-2013 model GEFORCE GTX 650 Ti 2GB GDDR5
  15. After waked my PC from sleep... Both Monitors show No Signal, but PC LEDs are ON, and PC is working, and also CDROM drive can ejected... I use hard shutdown [5-sec press ON button] and restarted OK... what the reason of this? the graphics card?