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    HP Compaq 8200 Elite Microtower PC, i5 2xxx, 16GB DDR3 Ram
  1. https://www.tenforums.com/graphic-cards/107394-after-awake-my-pc-sleep-both-monitors-show-no-signal-but-pc-l.html#post1336624 POSTED AND HERE ^^^^ win 10 ProI think is because I closed all windows and put it in sleep immediatelyhardly happens if give windows some time and after put it in sleep ... this way Never appear this... TO WAKE AND DISPLAYS NO SIGNALIf you disconnect both monitors and then plug one back in does the monitor wake up ?NEVER TRIED - BUT WILL DO SO IF HAPPENS AGAINHDMI SMALL IN PC TO HDMI FULL IN MONITOR 4K LGDVI-D IN PC TO HDMI KVM SWITCH TO HDMI IN MONITOR 2K 1080p LGGRAPHICS CARD IS evga nvidia 2012-2013 model GEFORCE GTX 650 Ti 2GB GDDR5
  2. After waked my PC from sleep... Both Monitors show No Signal, but PC LEDs are ON, and PC is working, and also CDROM drive can ejected... I use hard shutdown [5-sec press ON button] and restarted OK... what the reason of this? the graphics card?
  3. EFI read/write can of over 2TB hdd either external or internal? Legacy (not EFI) the inverse below 2TB read/write either external or internal... THIS IS TRUE AND FOR EXTERNAL DISKS LIKE 4TB ONLY - UEFI OR EFI - CAN READ SUCH?????
  4. Please note SSD Not yet inserted I Plan replace SATA4 DISK 500GB HDD with SSD (yet in PC Not seem hence) 960GB ===================================== what is "Windows Boot Manager" in EFI in place of (Legacy Not EFI) SATA0 & SATA4 HDDs ???
  5. My PC is from 2011-2012 was win 7 Pro but now win 10 Pro HP Compaq elite 8200 Microtower I currently have in 1TB HDD bootable and 500GB not bootable disk --- the latter appear and in usb devices and in some way I can eject it... BIOS is old and show as attached below two shots from my smartphone..... If go this way (below) ... my question is exist possibility of succeed if doing right... ? I already read manual about PC how to change HDDs... go this I have an SSD 2.5" 960GB and I want replace the 500GB... drive HDD.... Wih this SSD If suppose I have replaced it can setup boot SSD 960GB DVD ROM 1TB HDD and use a Windows 10 DVD to install Win 10 Pro....to SSD... thus have a dual boot system windows 10 Pro both.... but one on SSD other in HDD... Are this correct way and should succeed at end have a choice boot from one or other Win 10 Pro ? see boot order in bios shot below...
  6. I just Not like reinstall all software... In case install fresh w10pro in SSD, and keep HDD as secondary can switch back in case I wanted? How Not destroy the boot type of this secondary HDD? Can you give url for more info When exist both drives in PC SSD and HDD what system will boot from?? In case clone HDD to SSD - I do Not think do this - recommended defragment HDD first correct?
  7. My main PC is an intel i5 2400K HP Compaq PC approx. From 2011-12 // 1TB HDD I have a sata 3 SSD SanDisk 960GB ultra ii What you suggest for the best Install fresh win 10 pro on SSD OR clone HDD to SSD drive??? What if you were in my position? In case fresh install on SSD w10pro and use this a while ... may can switch back to my HDD old w10pro if interchage connectors?? And again back to SSD? In other words switch back and forth. .. is any tip for this, for not destroy boot type of each disk??
  8. A Basically a PC case corsair that came with fans ... fans are in right orientation pre-installed, correct? B ALSO if use for DIY PC build an Asus Z370-A motherboard BIOS/UEFI settings will come preset to normal usage? correct , and if wanted something like game overclocking I must use K processors and set Bios appropriately... correct? C A 550W PSU like Corsair CX-M Series CX550M / Power supply ( internal ) / ATX12V 2.4/ EPS12V 2.92 / 80 PLUS Bronze / AC 100-240 V / 550 Watt / Europe / matte black | CP-9020102-EU can power 2x2TB HDD SATA RAID 1 + 960GB SSD SATA + DVD SATA + M.2 512GB in motherboard chipset + Z370-A MOTHERBOARD / INTEL i7 8700 Processor ? may also 2 or 3 fans in case to use: Corsair Carbide Series 100R / Silent Edition / mid tower / ATX / no power supply ( ATX ) / USB/Audio | CC-9011077-WW
  9. 960GB SSD because I already have it,... and inserted it in an ext case and use to run externally Virtual machines.... so I will copy to HDD and use this SSD in my build...needed format or windows will delete/format it to NTFS automatically when install Windows 10 Pro (with Fall creators update) full version...??? I plan buy components for this build after 17 Oct when Win 10 Pro Fall update come out...
  10. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3jCsD8 is this ok???? as first build a processor such as 7600K or 7700K i7 with Z MotherBoard But WITHOUT to overclock it, in this case can have a normal cooler/heat-sink, easy to install without need to pick a special cooler??? As such I have first to read MB instructions after processor 7700K and normal cooler instructions AND AFTER INSTALL?
  11. May install two different graphics cards in a Xeon with 2x x16PCIe slots Without themselves linked with cable... Eg Quadro 2000 and GeForce GRX 1060... if yes can both used same time? Or one must be active at a time???