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  1. After finished the hardware of a self build PC and left OS (software part),... if it boots to black screen with some white text... this means system boots and can tested to do so by running a live linux DVD, even before installing Win 10 OS...?
  2. Overclocking as my first build Exist easy install fan/head sink but NOT liquid cooling?
  3. as first build a processor as 7600K or 7700K i5 or i7 having normal head-sink cooler has any impact in operation...? normal meaning like those coming with some intel processors non-K ones...?
  4. Overclocking Processor/Motherboard requires special processor cooler/heat-sink? If yes, this is as easy install as in the case non-Overclocking it...?
  5. About Intel K processors eg 7600K... i5 or i7 & Overclocking setup Setup overclocking in BIOS/UEFI is difficult as a first build?
  6. You can install a program in a PC e.g. you have C:/ win 10 OS drive & D:/ both SSDs butNot INSTALL in C:/ but in D:/Can I??? In other words create D:/Program Files/ProgramX/<files of X>, but OS disk being C:/...???
  7. So you mean in the first img - c:/ all data are in the start of partition and NOT disparate all over C:/... [i JUST DEFRAG] ... ?
  8. ABOUT HDD defragment and installing Linux in Win XP SP3 I attach two JPGs defrag.jpg shows my one partition c:/ defrag21.jpg shows my second smaller partition d:/ Both after I defrag them already Where you suggest install Linux? The HDD ribbon shows sectors of HDD exist data? In c:/ (1st picture) data take all ribbon so take all hdd, because is first partition, and hence you canNot install Linux eg 50GB area Linux partition? correct? But You can install in second d:/ BECAUSE ALL data are initially in hdd [ribbon in picture], so easily i can create a Partition [and because is last partition?] eg 40GB and install Ubuntu 17.04 in it???? correct??? Partition create from Live DVD Ubuntu.
  9. About Intel K processors eg 7600K... i5 installation of this is Exactly like, non-K processors? Needed anything special for K processors - or is it anything more difficult BUILDING A PC with K processor ????
  10. more careful after that episode! WHAT EPISODE YOU MEANT????
  11. IF wanted remove CPU and inserted already thermal paste and cooler with fan ... is it easy do this?
  12. Intel chip-set motherboards are Only for Intel processors? this only intel processors? ASUS PRIME Z270M-PLUS / Motherboard / micro ATX / LGA1151 Socket / Z270 / USB 3.0, USB-C / Gigabit LAN / onboard graphics (CPU required) / HD Audio (8-channel) | 90MB0S50-M0EAY0 1 x 160.56 € Can you tell an equivalent motherboard to ^^^ but for Ryzen >>> ? https://www.singular.com.cy/amd-cpu-amd-am4-ryzen-5-1600x-yd160xbcaewof.html you say " you need to install cpu into motherboard and ALWAYS!! attach the heatsink and fan on top of it before ever running power through it, even just to test things. " I can install heat-sink and fan but WITH-OUT put the THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIAL for test, and after ready to install OS put this material, attach heat sink and fan, open PC, if again all ok install the OS?
  13. "case" not meant PC case just "situation" mean... anyway to only run BIOS/UEFI needed fan/sink attached and operated?? After all ok[bios/uefi run ok],... i will attach fan / sink... retest if fan ok spins... and after install OS Win 10 Pro... well, can be like this????
  14. I mean before install W10Pro OS.... well needed fan in case? only run BIOS/UEFI needed fan? Just wondering Intel unlocked CPU K also come with fan included? I will look soon in your links now I will turn off PC...