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  1. The 9th Generation Intel processors [etc processors of 2019] like i5-9xxx [i5-9400], i7-9xxx, i9-9xxx HAVE NO VULNERABILITIES unlike there predecessors vulnerabilities.... like Meltdown & Spectre ... is this TRUE ?
  2. yes usb stick is exFAT and usb 3.0 AND also slot in PC was light blue usb 3 also because I had removed HDD in favor of a SSD I inserted that time HDD in PC... and now is in as SATA 3 connected but Was very slow In other words all you say were true but speed was slow ARE YOU SURE BOOT-ABLE DISKS OF WINDOWS 10 IN ANOTHER SYSTEM WIN 10 - HAVE THIS DELAY IN COPY FILES? IS TRUE THIS? I CAN AS WELL RENAME SOME WINDOWS FOLDERS SINCE I DO NOT CARE TO REMOVE BOOTABLE ABILITY.... Because I have SSD now in the old PC....
  3. yes usb stick is exFAT and usb 3.0 but the fact that is windows 10 boot-able this HDD makes folders hard slow accessible and the copy of files very slow from it ... is correct? exist cure by disable boot-able from this second HDD disk for ever... for coping faster data from it ??? blue usb slots are usb 3.0??? what about light blue usb slots are the same as black usb slots usb 2.0...?
  4. I changed from HDD to SSD after loaded HDD (boot-able - windows 10 disk) in another PC - also Windows 10 Tried COPY VIRTUAL MACHINE VDI VMDK huge files because I did Not backup these in old PC due were VMs Now in my try to COPY to external USB Stick copy goes to 52% after delays too much, for one vmdk file - I think this is due to Windows 10 HDD / bootable How COPY these files about 140GB vdi, vdmk etc more faster ... ? I do Not care if remove the bootable ability or remove Windows 10 files... since Now having SSD in old PC...well?
  5. If update faults for malfunction... and rather apply 1 update apply same time 2 or 3 updates [and the following same time] may be this problem bypassed ... ?
  6. I restored to prior point in safe mode Problem seems gone - now all ok What to do if prompted to update win 10 home... ? [after the restore]
  7. can use System Restore from SAFE MODE... ? My data/personal files may gone on System Restore? or only OS files change? how enter Safe Mode in HP desktop home PCs - in Win 10 Home... ?
  8. I do Not uninstall drivers sfc /scannow in 3mins screen freezes needed restart - failed this sfc about uninstall drivers ... if I ... in the 3 - 4 min limit before screen freezes uninstall infrared usb slot drivers[usb wireless keyboard /mouse ] - and restart and it will reinstalled from internet??? rather do this ^^^ are you suggest that if remove this wireless usb... and put mouse wired and keyboard wired... IF THE PROBLEM IS THIS IT WILL NOT FREEZE Or may freeze screen until UNINSTALL DRIVERS????? may the infrared conflict with build in Motherboard's WiFi??? How disable MB WiFi since Not needed... hence I have RJ-45 Wired Connection... ETHERNET ? HP PC
  9. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/but-sometimes-mouse-freezes-and-sometimes-appear/741bd729-c093-455f-aa99-d381f83209ea?tm=1546976042741&auth=1&rtAction=1547670455536&page=2 This posted and here ^^^ awaiting opinion reply I use wireless USB that Connects keyboard/mouse to PC This is PC of 2008-2009 but running Windows 10 Home I am sure when clicked UPDATE DRIVER just appear the blue screen - shot 2 - last post I THINK DID NOT UPDATE THE DRIVER in that light speed appeared the blue screen What to do??? After this system boots - generally all working BUT IN 3 minutes [AFTER DESKTOP LOADS] mouse freezes [keyboard/mouse Not work] and PC needed restart ... Sometimes Do Not boot at all ... ONLY LEDs turn on in the Front Panel of PC... [in the latter case usb infrared Not getting any signal from mouse / keyboard] and again needed restart.... In other words if infrared NOT getting signal initially[from mouse or keyboard]... PC Not startup/Not boot... If signal getting and infrared USB lights up -- then PC starts up but in 3 mins about... needed restart due mouse/keyboard freezes Any advise to try... ????
  10. If I can not delete partition to extent C:/ partition... so the only option is to have two drives C:/ E:/ can install Photoshop [3-5GB] in drive E:/... in the VM... and Not in C:/ /Program files / ... ? I have to choose install directory the E:/Program Files/ during install procedure... ?
  11. https://forum.acronis.com/forum/acronis-true-image-2018-forum/clone-hdd-2-ssd-vs-restore-hdd-backup-ssd?page=1#comment-481693 This posted and here - look at the second page of the post - 3-4 last threads in this post ^^^^ After restored backup in SSD (migrate to SSD via restore backup) - I can Not boot in windows - Acronis TI 2018 used,... gets into boot process... see shots attached I completed RECOVERY TO SSD from USB3 EXT HDD backup, success...!!! But the boot problem is the same as HDD boot seems the Acronis interfere with boot process... how disable this??? see shots attached by series... Now only SSD present No usb ext hdd ... No CDROM rescue media well how boot in windows I think must disable Acronis at boot, how??? well ?? Are you suggest do a Windows Repair With Windows 10 1809 DVD created today with windows media tool ... or... ?
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