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  1. FIREFOX 53 and IE TAB.

    Hola Rowdee, As of this point in time, the tests are only supported in IE, run As Admin. Tx
  2. WanaCry

    Here's a write up from one our very own researchers about the ransomware that's been in the news. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2017/05/16/wanacrypt0r-dive-code/ It's an interesting and in depth analysis of the exploit, payload and how it works.
  3. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

    Touche https://www.android.com/switch/
  4. windows defender

    Defender that comes bundled w/ Win10 and Win 8.x is a full fledged AV. It's effective and will provide adequate protection. Layered protection, the route you're using has always been the general "best practices" for keeping your pc clean and protected. A word of caution, you need to ensure only ONE of your security products is running a "real-time" agent, otherwise they'll compete for resources and in the end, result in a less secure pc. Tx
  5. Pc Matic and Ccleaner system restore

    Hola Rk, I've been trying my best to understand what you're trying to explain, but I'm unable to follow. Would you be willing or able to post some screen shots, or better yet, do a video of what you're seeing and the order in which it happens and post it here? This is a good, free screen recording prog that I use on the regular. It could be very beneficial for us to see exactly what you're seeing so we can better help you. Tx
  6. tests are blocked

    I was showing the page loads fine and I'm able to access the test as expected. All I did was click the search bar by Start, type internet, right clicked IE, Run As Admin, profit.
  7. tests are blocked

    Here's what i get/see.
  8. Here's my 3770k@4.2ghz and RX480 4GB daily driver. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=25941733
  9. windows defender

    I'll say this though, having multiple, active antivirus progs is NEVER a good idea. Since you're paying for Frontier's solution, stick with it and don't worry with Defender.
  10. windows defender

  11. PCMatic install; Avast uninstall

    Hola and uninstall Avast, install PCM.
  12. ransomware titled System Virus Alert

    I'd also suggest installing this to prevent this from happening in the future.
  13. Application Problems

    Are you by chance, running an insider build of 10?
  14. Recovered files, only to be unopenable

    Yoy might also check this prog out, I've had great success with it, but it ain't free. https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/
  15. Slow Internet

    Likely had a mess of noise on the line. That's the problem w/coax, if the signal isn't within a certain tolerable range, your service gets SEVERELY degraded.