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  1. Inaccessible Boot Device-Win10

    I'm stuck here, it perpetually fails to boot after being on for an undetermined amount of time and in trying to recover to a bootable state, I've now managed to hose the image I've thus far been able to recover with. I'm at a total loss...
  2. Have any of you been having trouble w/this on Win10 environments? My old pc failed on Christmas Eve, so I built new, everything, but at least 2 dozen times now, it's had a critical failure like this. The first symptom I've noticed is explorer will stop seeing any drive that wasn't connected at the last boot, ie: if you try connecting a usb drive, it will never be recognized. From there, if you reboot, the pc will act like the drive isn't there, despite being seen in the bios/uefi. The only "remedy" I've found is once you've a working install is to make an image and when it does fail again, copy the image back to the boot drive after having windows reinstalled long enough to install the disk imaging program and run it. This is the most infuriating thing I've encountered and none of the remedies I've read about have worked. The hardware config is here.
  3. updates

    No ma'am, not that I'm seeing anywhere. Sorry about that and you're welcome. Fwiw, Google has all but said they're discontinuing Android tablets as they've historically done poorly, especially compared to iPads. That said, their Chromebook/Chromebox devices are rather nice, have a touch interface(Chromebook) like a tablet and most of the newer ones(2016 and up) run Android apps and have full access to the Google Play store. If I were recommending an inexpensive, tablet like device, it would be one based on ChromeOS. Hope that helps, Tx
  4. Will not open and no SuperShield

    Hello and John, Please contact our helpdesk so they can help you get this resolved. You may also leave a link in your description to this post. Moved to paid products sub-forum. Tx
  5. Why am I phishing?

    Hellor and Todd, To my knowledge, there's nothing about our software that would cause this. It sounds like the recipient's host has labeled an IP block as a spam source.
  6. Update Failed

    Sounds like it's goin to sleep or similar. Look over this and see if it addresses the other issue you metinon. https://www.howtogeek.com/240840/should-you-use-the-balanced-power-saver-or-high-performance-power-plan-on-windows/
  7. Update Failed

    Look into this thread. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install/windows-10-update-kb4056892-fails-to-install/35281c25-94e3-4578-b341-6fc59e7cda7e
  8. updates

    Everything I'm reading indicates that 3rd party support for that device was limited at best and dead now. If Huawei hasn't issued an update for it, chances are they're not going to as it's an aging device and they don't even list that model on their site anymore.
  9. I'm sorry, the wording/phraseology of your question makes it hard to decipher what exactly you're asking.
  10. updates

    Hello and becky, If the OEM hasn't provided an updated version of Android for your device, there *might* be an aftermarket rom available, but it's very possible that it'll be buggy and not work as expected. If you can provide the make and model of your device, we might be able to better help. Tx
  11. I7 6950X / GTX 1080

    Very nice!
  12. HELP! Windows update

    Hi David and :WP:, please see this regarding PC Matic and the M$ patch requirements. As for the issues you're experiencing, please reach out to our help desk that's available 7 days a week @ http://www.pcmatic.com/help.
  13. Our Newest Moderator

    Thanks for the welcome yall. <3
  14. Monitor Fade Out

    Did the power plan settings get buggered somehow? See if this is applicable to you. http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/windows-10-sleep-hibernation-settings,2-4.html
  15. Our Newest Moderator

    Well, doesn't this have potential to be embarrassing? I shall self moderate.