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  1. Hello and dclayt Please open a trouble ticket at our help desk and if you have more than one pc, please indicate which this issue pertains to. Tx
  2. Tx Redneck

    Malware still found

    Hey Monster0 I'm unfamiliar with the other program(Spy Hunter) you've mentioned and am unsure of what it's finding vs what PC Matic is indicating. If you would, run an Overdrive(pcpitstop.com/betapit) scan and post the link here please. It must be run from Internet Explorer AsAdmin. Tx
  3. Tx Redneck

    Best anti virus/malware programs to use with Firefox?

    And knowing is half the battle. 😛
  4. Tx Redneck

    Best anti virus/malware programs to use with Firefox?

    I'll concur w/Nigsy on an adblocker, but I don't recommend adblock plus as they sell ads. I recommend uBlock Origin, it's a better, lighter ad blocking solution.
  5. Tx Redneck

    caintry boy

    Man, if this is what agin looks like, I don't want any part of it. I'll sign on teh line to opt out...
  6. Tx Redneck

    super shield monitor file access

    Thanks for the explanation Y. I wanted to reply as I knew/know what it does, but couldn't come up with the right words and didn't wanna put my foot in my mouth.
  7. Then you most certainly did it right. for once
  8. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-fix-a-windows-10-laptop-thats-plugged-in-but-not-charging/https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-fix-a-windows-10-laptop-thats-plugged-in-but-not-charging/ See if that fixes ya up.
  9. Tx Redneck

    No More HomeGroup

    Yeah, I'm not real happy with the way they've done a lot of things either, but I continue to use their products because it's familiar. They've not gone far enough yet for me to abandon the platform.
  10. Tx Redneck

    The presentation

    If it's critical to get opened, you could create a free google account(if you don't already have one, import/upload it to Google Drive and open it with Slides. http://elearning.uc.apu.edu/helps/course_helps/upload-powerpoint.html
  11. Ty sir, done! And thanks Y for the link!
  12. Tx Redneck

    caintry boy

    Roger, I hate to say this, but every time I come here and see this thread at the top, my stomach drops. Take care our yourself bubba.
  13. Tx Redneck

    Windows 10 New Update

    Said update is live. I got lucky this time, the big didn't affect anything I use.
  14. Tx Redneck

    IE 11 problem

    QFT! Please let it die and *we* at pcpitstop need to get our test suite working in a browser agnostic way. Relying on innertube exploder is no so very buenos.