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  1. IE 11 problem

    QFT! Please let it die and *we* at pcpitstop need to get our test suite working in a browser agnostic way. Relying on innertube exploder is no so very buenos.
  2. IE 11 problem

    Good grief, but glad that drive is workin for ya.
  3. IE 11 problem

    I've no clue as to why that's happening. Can you run System Restore to before this happened or sfc /scannow and see if there's sys file corruption? Otherwise, whatcha need InterwebExploder for?
  4. Hey Benn, PC Matic has a defragger built in that I prefer to others. When a scan is run, scheduled or manually, you have the option of allowing it to defrag the drive(s) during its cleanup/repair phase. I run the Full Disk Optimization weekly via scheduled scan. I have mine set for the wee hours because I have 4, 3TB hard drives to scan and defrag and that's never an expedient thing. Hope that helps, Tx
  5. Supershield Updates

    Oof, I don't know how to remedy that, but we do have staff on hand to help at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ Go there and open a trouble ticket for the most expedient resolution. Tx
  6. Low 3D video score

    Ensure you don't have a generic driver installed. Dl and install the latest from nvidia and try again.
  7. Well now...

    We've met.
  8. Hello and Geoff, PC Matic has an on demand scanner and Super Shield works by not allowing an unknown file to run w/out your saying it's clean or by our malware research team ensuring it's clean and safe to run. That said, it doesn't have the Outlook scan like traditional A/V. Thanks, Tx
  9. Well now...

  10. Well now...

    Lolol, you still get around eh?
  11. Super Shield Stops

    Hello and if you'll open a trouble ticket @ https://www.pcmatic.com/support/, we can more expediently get this resolved for ya. Tx
  12. Anyone using a Fire Stick?

    Not I, I just use my Plex server or Amazon's Prime Video. If you'll go to plex.tv and sign up, send me the email address you signed up w/ and I'll share my server w/ya CB. You'll need to install the app from the amazon app store though or use the web browser on that thing.
  13. Windows 10 Explorer.exe crashing randomly

    Click the start button, type "cmd", right click on the top result, select "Run as Administrator". In the next window, type sfc /scannow and let it do its thing.
  14. Windows 10 Explorer.exe crashing randomly

    Hey Eman, have you run sfc /scannow yet to check for system file corruption?
  15. virus warning