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  1. Infinite Alert Hoax/Call this Number Scam

    OK, the blue page I posted in User to User won't go away nor will the smaller page asking for my Username n' Password like j_scott posted above....ggrrrrrrrrrr Y - maybe move my 'single post' over here so I can find it? n' yes, gimme link re AntiSpyWare Brigade pleez j_scott - -
  2. Microsoft Warning Alert FAKE

    Well, &*$%#!!! I'm Being told there is malicious POrn0graphicSpyware/Riskware Detected... Blah blah Yada....if I don't call (855) 532 - 1941 (toll free) within 5 minutes or close this window before calling them, we will have no choice but to disable your computer n' send your IP to 'concerned authorities"' Do not ignore this critical alert... My educated guess is that once called, you will be asked for $. I say 'educated' because I got a deal like this only the boogy page was flashing Red and there was a siren sound all the while the same type of shpeil was talking n' talking. This claims to be from Microsoft....I was so freaked by all the noise n' flashing that I actually called the number BUT they didn't get any $ from me as it took less than a minute to realize I knew more than the idiot on the phone. Not claiming to be a genius with this stuff........ Posted as a heads up........ Edit: out of sheer curiousity. I called the #, no - they want no money but the lady could barely speak English. I must leve in 5 mins for drs. appt. so have fun
  3. Happy Birthday firekracker

    aawwww, thank-you Caintry
  4. IntelGuy has passed away

    I am heart broken....reading the Topic was punch in the gut. he was such a good friend n' though I haven't been 'round for a while. i thought he'd always be here. my thoughts n' prayers go out to his family n' loved ones. he considered this place his home...well, at least one of them n' am certain he knows how much he'll be missed by all.
  5. What's the point of anonymous signin?

    Thanx for all the replies...I understand how it works now. thanx to Caintry knowing I can be a tad slow n' must have things explained to me Nice to see you too Mr. Y indy - you say no one is ever here? well, you must come around from time to time...just come around more often Juliet - thanx for the compliment re my avatar. truth is I love hats n' wear one almost every day but sshhhh, don't tell anyone cuz it's a secret.... Hi Shogun ~ don't think anything changed...I just didn't know what was what noknojo - - Hi! did you give a shot at answering post re defragger? i'll go take a look n' see what's what...well, I looked n' have a feeling Roedy didn't read the Post for all members about how to post what where. his post is more than confusing n' since Roedy posted a year n' 1/2 ago - doubt he'll respond but who knows. Also, fyi - folks do care enough to answer questions!!
  6. Newsletter

    Hiya Caintry ~ maybe y'all need an Editor who can is whiz re grammar n' can spell....
  7. firekracker

    Hi Guys ~ you can delete my 'contact us' message. I'm finally signed in...not sure how or why though I think it's b/c I signed in using FB maybe. anywhoooo, glad to be on it's been awhile since I've been here [never have used been twice in same sentence before]. things sure have changed.
  8. No, I'm not talking about a séance type of anything. In the past tow days I have gotten emails from 2 folks I have died. One - a great aunt n' the other a dear friend. the clue that the same person wrote them is that after a link in each, it reads "Can you imagine it?" I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten emails like this or has heard about it. Fire PeeEss. I did goggle but not anything really on point. guess i',m looking for a new/old type of phishing
  9. If it is now possible to see who is on line.....why bother with anonymous sign-in? Just doesn't make any sense to me. please deleate if already answered though please show answer first
  10. Happy Birthday firekracker

    Caintry ~ thank you so much for starting this thread. i'll respond to your email about what's up. Y n' duanester can always be counted on as well. might be nobody else remembers me And my REPLY Box Works!!!!!!!!!
  11. Please Join In To Fight Breast Cancer

    i'm clicking when i'm at computer....just not gonna post daily
  12. Posting Problems

    Pleez don't give up on me....I have several things i must attend to in the next few days, at least one which I'd rather ditch-out on, But every so often, it's important that I assume the role of 'Ms. Prim n' Proper'. just know i'll get back to you asap. Fire :-) Oops, might as well let you know that I'm not able to Reply directly n' must go thru More Reply Options.....
  13. Weatherbug

    weird, I use MyWay as my home page which has all sorts of options on how you want your home page to look. if I click on Weather, the page I see has MyWay in top right corner n' right above the weather stats is "powered by WeatherBug". there is no WeatherBug program installed. years ago, I did have it installed without problems. so, perhaps the program has changed. you could also download CC - Crap Cleaner - it free from hippo.com or download.com. then go to tools where you'll see a list of your installed programs with an option to uninstall. curious, did you check to see if there was an uninstall.exe in the program file? that would be a good choice!
  14. Posting Problems

    well, rats i'll try again...
  15. Posting Problems

    I'm now using IE to post a pic of what it looks like when I tried to edit using Opera....I have no clue what the words in the little box mean....