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  1. Change Internet Receive buffer

    Ran Overdrive and received the above message as a fix. Quote: This manual adjustment changes the TCP Receive window size is recommended only for cable modem or DSL users running Windows XP or Windows 2000. I am running Windows 10. Suggest you make an adjustment to this fix to identify Windows 10 users. Dan
  2. how do i add a new post

  3. wrong license appears for DJD-Hp - windows 10. I run overdrive it runs to internet test and i receive error....

  4. Data Fragmentation 45%

    That worked. I purged my restore points and now I do not have that issue. I never thought of that. Thanks for help......
  5. I have windows 7 professional 64 bit, I have run windows disk defragmenter twice and also have run Perfect Disk defragmenter twice both show 0% defragmentation, and PCMatic disk defragmenter. However, when I run comprehensive free scan it returns that my pc is in the top 4%, but has data fragmentation 45%. Please help me with this, I do not understand how after running 3 different defragmenters how I could have data fragmentation of 45%?
  6. cannot load results

    It has been 3 weeks, any thing new on my issue?
  7. cannot load results

    Reset internet explorer as suggested. Received new error. Http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/ajaxscan/saveBW.asp - HTTP 403 forbidden The website declined to show this webpage the website requires you to log in. I did log in with gabby33 at cfl dot rr dotcom and then my password. However, I can log in as dsalemmo at cfl dot rr dot com and password and then successfully run the test.
  8. cannot load results

    was able to log out and then test successfully. but when I logged in again it failed with cannot load results.
  9. cannot load results

    Tried running tests again and received same message.....3:25 PM also tried disabling Norton internet security and antivirus. same result...
  10. Have been able to run tests as recently as yesterday. the tests complete (including band width) but it will not load test results. Running latest version of I.E. - windows 7 prof.