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    Did you know

    windows xp does not allow to create a folder named con
  2. The Pitter


    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC - task manager
  3. The Pitter

    Add an item to the Send To menu

    you just have to manually remove it.
  4. The Pitter

    sony or x box

    Whic one is better Sony PSP or XBox? I have palyed games in playstation but never used xbox , i am thinking of buying one which is better?
  5. The Pitter

    Which AntiVirus you think BEST ?

    i think it's a matter of self assurance than being security concious. you will feel secure till someone reveal that you are insecure for so and so reason, same applies here to antivirus. i think kapersky is best at present though my friend uses nod and says it;s good enough.
  6. The Pitter

    How about a one click shutdown for XP

    good tips. incase you want to cancell the shutdown process once it's activated here it's. start run then type shutdown(leave a space)-a shutdown -a it will can cell the shutdown process
  7. The Pitter

    The Quickest way to create some shortcuts on Desktop

    thanks I will try this
  8. The Pitter

    Add Group Policy Editor to XP Home

    Hi, i am new here in this forum, but This tip ofgetting gpedit.msc in Win Home XP makes no sense because I tried the same with one of my friends pc and couldn't succeeded.