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    'I Pimped My PC' Video Contest Winner

    That was a great video. Hope that water cooling system doesn't spring a leak.
  2. beaulanger

    Add an item to the Send To menu

    Great, even works in Vista.
  3. beaulanger

    PC Pitstop Hall of Shame

    This is the kind of frustration so many of us go through these days. Welp, I always built my own until recently on impulse I bought an HP from Best Buy. Huge mistake! Numerous calls to HP (India?) and not being able to understand the "techs". Weird they all have names like Jack and Jane but I guess that is more easily identifiable to us. I returned my HPs to Best Buy twice. I should have asked for a refund the 3rd time. The DVD burner destroyed my backup the first day and broken part came loose and got wedged in with the CD+R. I bought an additional gig of DDR and one of the memory banks was dead. The 3rd computer refused to make the Recovery discs and I had to send for them after trying the recommended HP media. Much of the support information that I could understand was wrong anyway. I've pretty much cannibalized my HP and upgraded it. Homebuilt or local built is the way to go.
  4. beaulanger

    Do you hate Vista's Disk Defragger?

    I've been using Auslogics and it seems effective and fast. Above all it's free.
  5. beaulanger


    Anybody know how to do this for Vista?