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  1. dianamite

    My folding computer is kaput ....

    dry your eyes!! Don't believe for a moment I won't be around keeping an eye on all y'all.... lol. And especially when I do something stupid with a computer and have questions!!
  2. dianamite

    My folding computer is kaput ....

    Thank you Nigsy and Tx ... I'm already on a new one... and will probably wait a while to begin folding again. I am totally surprised at how quiet a computer can be, lol. I cannot tell if this one is running. I may enjoy the quiet for a while, and begin folding again in a limited fashion. Tx: I have no idea what happened. I shut it down to clean it, etc. When I turned it on, it didn't. It served me very well and I truly appreciate you building it. My nephew-in-law's father is a PTSD Vietnam vet who "plays around" with computers. He's never been to "tech school" but has managed to put some computers together from parts for other vets. He has the tower.... and I hope that your good work will continue on helping someone. I'll check in on here periodically to see how y'all are doing. I'm also on Facebook as Diana Stanziano Lyon, if anyone would care to friend me and keep me in the loop. I'm in my 3rd decade of being a computer user.... time to slow down, maybe. Happy HEALTHY new year to all of you.
  3. I am on my old one and VERY surprised I hooked everything up and it is running. Probably not securely or efficiently. I am planning to go to the Computer store (after Christmas?) so any recommendations on pre-built systems will be very appreciated. I won't last long on this OLD and SLOW computer that is way way out of date, still running XP-Pro (not that there is anything wrong with that... loved XP). I will either have to scale back the folding, or stop folding. Not sure what my future brings. I just know I need desktop... hate the small keyboards of laptops and netbooks (which I have for traveling).
  4. I'm trying, lol. Computer runs much cooler when I don't allow CPU to fold. Can I disable that one in the settings without destroying all my settings?
  5. dianamite

    PRCG 10496 only WU left?

    I keep getting various versions of 11409 ... maybe they are getting close to solving something (??)
  6. dianamite

    Happy Birthday mariol90

    Happy Birthday!!
  7. WOW.... that is awesome Guns!!
  8. crap... should have come in here yesterday. I have one that is 1+ hours and another 10 hours ... Thank you for letting us know!
  9. dianamite

    Back from mini-vacation...

    oops... no, lol. 1st one was Boston, then this past one was San Francisco and all the way across to DC where I inducted my husband into the Agent Orange Memorial Fund. They have a FB page where I found out about that. Home until August! phew
  10. will be loading up the folding ... should start getting points again shortly. lol Also have 2 more mini vacations coming up so don't do any worrying Hope y'all are safe, well, and happy
  11. dianamite

    And here comes...

  12. dianamite

    Happy Birthday gagaman

    I'm always late, lol.... Happy Birthday!