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  1. I'm trying, lol. Computer runs much cooler when I don't allow CPU to fold. Can I disable that one in the settings without destroying all my settings?
  2. PRCG 10496 only WU left?

    I keep getting various versions of 11409 ... maybe they are getting close to solving something (??)
  3. Happy Birthday mariol90

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. WOW.... that is awesome Guns!!
  5. crap... should have come in here yesterday. I have one that is 1+ hours and another 10 hours ... Thank you for letting us know!
  6. Back from mini-vacation...

    oops... no, lol. 1st one was Boston, then this past one was San Francisco and all the way across to DC where I inducted my husband into the Agent Orange Memorial Fund. They have a FB page where I found out about that. Home until August! phew
  7. will be loading up the folding ... should start getting points again shortly. lol Also have 2 more mini vacations coming up so don't do any worrying Hope y'all are safe, well, and happy
  8. And here comes...

  9. Happy Birthday gagaman

    I'm always late, lol.... Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday muttonhunter

    Happy Birthday!
  11. The PitCrew

    Me too.... though I've paused the CPU. This keeps the heat down on my system. I recruited someone and then they started their own team
  12. GTX-1080 ppd output

    shoot... reading this thread and it hit me like a brick.... paused my folding because of high winds - didn't want bad folds if the electric went out. SO, long story short, I forgot to turn them back on again til now, lol.. Thank you for the compliment Zuhl... When I have gaps between my points per day, it is cause I have stopped the cpu one from folding. After brief detective work, I realized THAT was the one creating all the heat. With just the 2 others running it is cooler, quieter; and usually the cpu points are the small ones so ... eh