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  1. And can they blend in with other videos to make them continuous so it can be one play........THANKS
  2. Good software for editing videos Not something cheap and free But if its free it has to be good Nothing complicated Thanks By the way HI to EVERYONE IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME
  3. Has anyone ever download for macintosh or windows are they safe and which one is the best download. I use both macintosh/apple and windows.
  4. mme

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Don't mean to be a stranger just busy this past few years. Lot's of crap happening where I live. IntelGuy really put me on the forum board . When I posted a couple of good computer tips.
  5. mme

    IntelGuy has passed away

    Truly sad to hear this news of his passing.
  6. mme

    Favorite Movie

    i have quite a few science fiction,action,drama,comedy western and thrillers along with suspense heres a few any star trek movie any star wars movie papillon movies with liam neeson like taken triogy john candy movies Sidney poitier many many more...........
  7. mme

    Happy Birthday Juliet

    sorry I almost missed your birthday and happy holidays.... may the sun always shine on you.....
  8. mme

    caintry boy

    get well caintry boy forums not the same without you
  9. im formatting my book 4 terra bytes.....I need to know if mac book air is intel based ....its important to creating partition on the hard drive
  10. mme

    Friday Night Video's

  11. mme

    Sunday funnies........

    yea the grandson was watching it when I heard that
  12. mme

    Sunday funnies........

    I used to work at a muffler shop It was EXHAUSTING
  13. mme

    caintry boy

    its doing good for my wife ...................................she was on 4 or 5 needles a day now shes on one been like that for 5 years
  14. mme

    caintry boy

    my wife used to be on insulin needles 5 times a day Then she gotten referred to an diabetes specialist and he put her on this medication ONGLYZA >>>>>TAKE ONE TABLET ONCE A DAY>>>>>>SAXAGLIPIN HCL 5MG per tablet this is pill form now she only does needles once a day and her sugar levls is .....4 to 8 ..... which is better than what it was before THIS IS ONLY FOR YOUR INFORMATION besides im not sure if its available in your country